The Next Big Romance: Will braces affect your love life

Braces The Next Big Romance Will braces affect your love life in London


Much has changed in recent years.  It is not just teenagers who wear braces but adults too.  No matter if you are twenty, thirty or forty something, navigating the world of dating can be tough whether you are looking for your next big romance or just lots of fun. And now you have had your braces fitted you may be wondering just how they will affect your chances of getting back in the game or will you have to take a vow of celibacy. The emotional impact of wearing braces can be traumatic but, with the help of I Love Straight Teeth to guide you, it just got easier. Will braces affect your love life? The answer is only if you let them!

Discreet Braces

Braces are now so discreet they are almost invisible.  You can flash a smile at that handsome new man in the office and leave your photo on sites like with the confidence they are not going to say, “Are you wearing braces?” in an incredulous way.  No one will notice until you tell them.  Braces will not make any difference to attracting a paramour for a night out or a potential new partner but your attitude will. The only thing unattractive about braces is if you look gutted about wearing them.

You don’t need to wait for your braces to be removed and a beautiful straight smile before you practice being the new you.  Own your braces and prepare to be swept off your feet.  A visit to the beauty counter is like an assault on the senses, so book in for a new make-up session and paint your eyes dramatically so you don’t feel so self-conscious of your mouth.  Owning a few stylish outfits will give you an edge when making a first impression. Be adventurous; put on your killer heels and be prepared to knock ‘em dead.   With or without braces, it is your magnetism that will attract a new partner and a sense of humour which will keep them. It is not your braces which will send anyone running.

Your Essential ‘Hot Date’ Kit

You might want to keep a hot date essentials kit in your pocket or handbag.  Keep a travel toothbrush, a teepee brush, some dental wax and a compact mirror handy. Don’t worry about disappearing for a few minutes between courses if your date takes you to dinner. You might want to remove the salad or the remains of a burger from your wires or brackets.  If you are good company, and your date is worthwhile, they will still be there when you get back waiting for the next part of your story or to regale you with their charm and wit and you will feel happier knowing nothing is tangled in your braces.

Don’t spend the evening excusing your braces or keeping your mouth closed, muffling incoherent responses to your date’s questions. Be proud of your braces and the step you have taken to having straight teeth. They are a very small part of you which will in time turn you into a confident person, happy to laugh at all your new dates jokes.  And if with your first date comes the first kiss,  with dental wax to protect the brackets, the object of your affection will probably not even notice your braces.  And if it looks like there will be a second and a third date and a new romance, go dancing. Dancing with friends is a great release and will make you feel relaxed with your new braces and your new love.

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