Why Are Lingual Braces More And More Popular?

Lingual Braces


Lingual braces are metal braces that sit behind the teeth. The fact that they are metal means that they attached very firmly to the teeth. Lingual braces comprise an excellent solution for crowded teeth. As you can see in this case the upper right second tooth is much displaced. In such cases, a lingual brace will be the best choice to help fix the problem.

 Lingual braces are more and more popular in London

What Makes Lingual Braces Unique:

1# They Fit Nicely Behind the Teeth

Thanks to its metal brace, it can fit very nicely behind the teeth, but it also has a lot of strength so it could push the tooth into the right position. It becomes obvious by looking at the final setup that the tooth gets into the correct position. In addition, it also gets a beautiful arch form and the jaw becomes wider. For more reasons than one, a lingual brace is the best option, when you want to address severely crowded teeth.

 Lingual braces are more and more popular in London

2# Teeth Move Better & Braces Come Away Less Often

Other than that, and given that lingual braces are metal brackets, you get a better movement of the tooth/teeth. Another advantage of them being metal is that they fall off far less compared to other braces. Take eating for example. With traditional metal braces, you’d need to be very careful when eating hard items (if any at all). With lingual braces, you still need to be careful about eating hard foods, but you have less chance to have brackets coming away. If you know someone with fixed braces, then you know how annoying it is to have brackets come away. There is no real issue, when something like that happens, but, as they say, with the lingual brace there is less maintenance required. Clearly from that perspective, lingual braces outdo fixed braces.

3# Teeth Can Move Any Direction Needed Easily

Lingual braces being fixed allows the teeth to move up and down, forwards and backwards and get them into the right position nicely. Overall, lingual braces are best when you’re dealing with severe crowding of the upper teeth because you’re able to invisibly move the teeth to the right position.


 Lingual braces are more and more popular in London


It is no wonder lingual braces is such a highly requested treatment. People with crooked teeth that want to avoid that metal mouth with metal braces that can be seen, turn their attention to lingual braces for their effectiveness and discretion that is seen as a much desired package that has it all: The teeth get back to the position they were supposed to be in the first place, the brackets rarely fall of even when eating hard foods (just don’t overdo it!), and the results are amazing: beautiful straight teeth with an admirable horseshoe arch. What more is there to ask from an orthodontic treatment?

Are you looking to straighten your teeth with lingual braces? Please post you comment below if anything is unclear and you would like your questions answered.

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