What Are The Risks When Getting Braces?

What are the risks with braces


When you undergo an orthodontic treatment, you want to improve not only your facial appearance, but also your bite, by wearing orthodontic, or dental braces (or else aligners) that gradually straighten and align your teeth, in order to make them get the new, desired position, and widen your dental arch. Wearing dental braces is a safe procedure that does not bear any significant risks, except a few minor short-term issues, three of the most common, are described further on.

3 Common Risks With Braces

1. Speech

There is an adjustment period, just like with everything new, that you will need to be patient. When you first wear your braces, if they are lingual (placed behind the teeth) or removable aligners you will have some speech difficulties that you will overcome in a few hours or during the first day of wearing. It makes sense though, because braces force your teeth to move to a different position so to achieve the much-desired result and have a beautiful smile with perfectly straight teeth. Within a short time, you will forget all about your lips not siding on your teeth the same way they used to, and will adjust to wearing braces. It’s just a matter of (little) time.

2. Discomfort

Wearing braces gives you an odd feeling at first. You are wearing something that is taking up space in your mouth; something you didn’t have the previous day. Also, there is a mere chance you might experience some soreness. Many patients don’t though, while others have a significant degree of brace ache; it is different in every case. However, all this discomfort only lasts for 2-3 days in total. After that, you won’t believe how braces feel like a normal part of your life!

Note: Any orthodontic discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication (see Advil or Mortin, if you are not allergic to their components), as well as orthodontic relief silicone or wax that will help relieve any discomfort and soreness, from the moment you have your braces and throughout each orthodontic adjustment visit from then on.

3. Discoloration

Due to the difficulty to clean your teeth with your braces on, you might notice some tooth discolouration after you remove your braces. This is an easily-fixed issue if only you are loyal to regular hygiene. Clean your teeth after every meal, and small interdental brushes as per your dentist’s advice.
Tip: You can also have teeth-whitening after you complete your orthodontic treatment, which is a fantastic finishing touch that will make your smile irresistible!

Wearing braces has multiple benefits, but also a few drawbacks, too. However, no matter how you look at it, benefits outweigh any circumstantial discomfort you may feel when wearing braces. You ensure your health and increase your confidence AND get a turning-heads smile after the completion of your orthodontic treatment, which definitely worths some patience at first!

Now, if you can find trusted professionals to help you choose the right treatment that suits your lifestyle, and ensure an excellent result, like ILoveStraightTeeth, then there is nothing stopping you from amazing the crowds with your dazzling smile!

Is fear getting in the way of you straightening your teeth? Post a comment below if you have any questions or need reassuring words.

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