Tips when you are wearing invisible braces

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Wearing invisible braces is a great way to receive orthodontic treatment without having that metal-like mouth that some people are not very fond of. However, in order to be able to both improve your dental health and enjoy a beautified smile, you need to take proper care of your braces, so the treatment is successfully completed!

3 Top Tips

Here is a list of the things you should look after, when wearing invisible braces:

1# Remove Them When Eating

Always remove your braces before you eat. It is best if you used a straw, in case you want to drink something while you are wearing them.

2# Keep Your Aligners In A Case

Always put them in your case, when you take them off, and place them in a safe place. You can’t imagine how many people have lost their invisible braces, because they have failed to store them some place safe!

3# Keep Your Aligners Clean

Always keep a clear aligner by brushing your teeth with your regular toothbrush (not whitening) and toothpaste (anything else might discolour your aligner), after every meal.

When brushing your aligner, do it gently. This is a great way to keep your aligner clean and allow it to remain as invisible as possible.

You can also clean your aligner in mouthwash, every now and then. Just leave it in for a few minutes, and you are set!

Real Stories that You Can Avoid!

Like previously mentioned, there are many people that have actually lost their invisible braces! Already, two of our patients have recalled a similar story. Here is what you can easily avoid:

Story #1: One of our patients went to do some charity work in Thailand. On the 1st day of her 3-week tip, she took off her aligner and left it on the bedside table at her hotel. Needless to say, she found herself looking for her aligner in a while, only to realize that the hotel staff had thrown it! Of course, they could not find it; no matter how hard they searched.
She emailed us and got our reassurance that she has nothing to worry about and that she could continue her trip. As soon as she came back, we had already created another aligner for her that she had to wear. Obviously, at first, it was tight, as her teeth had moved a bit. Finally, with only a small delay, she managed to continue her treatment.

Story #2: Another patient was enjoying her holiday in Greece, until the moment she took off her aligner, wrapped it into tissue paper, and left it in the bathroom, on the very first day, before she went to have breakfast. Unfortunately, there was no aligner when she came back. Being her last one, she had to leave her teeth without an aligner for another 3 weeks. This made her teeth shift back a bit.
Upon her arrival back home, she had a new impression taken, and she is now almost done with her orthodontic treatment. In order to prevent other people from experiencing the same thing, she wanted to share her story with the rest of us.

You could save yourself so much trouble and inconvenience, if only you always remembered to leave your aligner in a safe place when you take it out!

All in all, it is not much of a fuss to stick to your treatment, even when wearing invisible or clear removable braces! You just wear them your Invisalign aligners as much as you can (aprox. 22 hours a day), and trust a reliable professional, to take good care of you!

Are you wearing aligners or do you want to start? Please post your comment below we would love to hear your personal experiences.

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