The Good, The Beautiful and The Ugly

The Good The Beautiful and The Ugly-950


On Suits, there are very few things as fine as an episode where Louis Litt gets to prove that he’s more than just comic relief.  It is hardly surprising Louis is not really satisfied with himself, is bitterly jealous of the good looking Harvey Specter and just sinks his overlarge incisors into yet another sandwich of commiseration.  With all his careful plotting and planning, Louis should pay a visit to I Love Straight Teeth who would welcome the challenge of helping Louis to achieve an award winning smile and redeem himself.

Harvey Specter

Whatever the angle of the camera, Harvey looks great. With his perfectly aligned and natural teeth, we just love his smile. His four front teeth balance perfectly in size and colour with his back teeth so, no matter the camera angle, he has an unselfconscious, winning grin. He knows he looks gorgeous.


Louis Litt

Harvey might have been a patient at I Love Straight Teeth but, by comparison, Louis looks like a badger, with his narrow arch and four prominent front teeth which look so incongruous with his back teeth when seen in profile. No wonder he is the butt of Harvey and Mike’s jokes and it is not surprising Harvey actually threatened to knock Louis teeth out in one episode.



It doesn’t have to be this way.  Veneers are not always the ideal solution. Instead Louis could have his teeth realigned and whitened without taking a day off the film set and without Harvey, Mike or any of the film directors being any the wiser. I Love Straight Teeth in London would welcome Louis for a FREE consultation.  For all of his villainous antics, it’s clear that at heart, Louis Litt doesn’t want to be the bad guy. He wants to be a hero.

What To Consider

And how to find the hero in Louis?  Our dentist would advise Louis of the three things he needs to consider; the position of his teeth, the shape of his teeth and the colour of his teeth.

Lingual Braces

Louis could reposition his teeth with lingual braces, invisible braces secured to the reverse of his teeth, to correct the arch and misalignment of his teeth where the upper jaw meets his lower jaw.  No more badger teeth and no need to worry about lisping through his lines on set. The wires and brackets are so light and discreet, with lingual braces the audience is not going to know.  But he would be wise to give up those sandwiches, or the bread and bacon will get lodged in his braces. With adult braces the dentist can move teeth forwards and backwards, or up and down. We can also rotate teeth, and close gaps, and we can uncross overlapping teeth. After a few months of wearing braces Louis’s teeth would be in the best position and we advise all our patients to finish their treatments with one of our home whitening kits.  Louis could soon be basking in the glow of Harvey’s rarely awarded approval with his new smile without having to consider veneers.

If you want to be a Harvey and not a Louis, you do not need a red carpet income.  We will prepare a payment plan when we evaluate your teeth and advise you of the all the options available.

So veneers or braces? How would you want to perfect your smile. Share you answer in the comments below.

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