The 7 facts of the wonder brace: Inman Aligners explained

The 7 facts of the wonder brace Inman Aligners explained


Whilst you might love designer make-up brands, beautiful clothes and fabulous accessories, if your teeth are crooked or protrude and you hide your smile you will never quite have the confidence to feel good or look your best.  When negative emotions strike again, consider in investing in one solution that will last a lifetime and never be out of date.  Long after you have thrown out that silk dress or leather coat, a new smile will take you wherever you need to go. With the Inman Aligner from I Love Straight Teeth, you will be striking a new pose in no time at all and success will follow.  

There are seven things you need to know about the Inman Aligner and why it is such a great choice when it comes to straightening your teeth and giving your self-esteem a lift.

7 Facts of Inman Aligners

  1. The Inman Aligner, known as the Wonder Brace, is a simple, removable appliance used to align front teeth quickly and safely.
  2. The Inman Aligner is a patented design.
  3. The Inman Aligner is the only one of its kind.
  4. The patented Inman Aligner differs from other aligners as it has concealed titanium coil springs that power two aligner bows which compete with each other, guiding the teeth into their new position. These gentle forces are active over a very large range of movements.
  5. Inman Aligner is popular because it works so quickly. Your teeth can be safely straightened in just twelve weeks.
  6. The Inman Aligner needs to be worn all day and all night to straighten your teeth as quickly as you want but can be removed for a special occasion.
  7. The Inman Aligner will correct various issues such as mild overcrowding, protruding front teeth or gappy teeth.

There are several options when it comes to dental braces but none that works as fast as the Inman Aligner.  By correcting issues with your front teeth, the upper and lower incisors, you would be surprised what a difference this simple adjustment can make to your smile.  If you have a big event and don’t have much time to prepare, you could consider Inman Aligners to help you make an impact on that special day.

Inman Aligners

Your dentist will first check the health of your teeth and access your suitability for the Inman Aligner.  He will be able to give you an indication of how long your teeth will take to correct. Everyone is different, and occasionally one patient’s teeth are more stubborn than another’s, or the patient fails to wear their braces all day and night, and they take a little longer to complete the treatment.

The dentist will prepare a pricing plan, and you will be offered the opportunity to pay directly or with affordable monthly payments.  Impressions will be made of your teeth and sent to our laboratory where our skilled technicians custom-make your Inman Aligner.  Every aligner is made individually,  so it not only works at its optimum level but to maximise comfort when it is fitted over your teeth.  You will need to keep regular appointments with the dentist to check on the progress of your treatment and, eventually, wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from slipping back into their old position.

Anything we haven’t cover on Inman Aligners? Post your comment below and we’ll make sure to answer.

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