Teeth Straightening: 4 Problems – 4 Solutions

Teeth Straightening 4 Problems - 4 Solutions


Most people are unhappy with their appearance in one way or another. As humans, we are restless, dissatisfied and often envious of others.  We measure our self-worth and confidence in contrast to other people, both in the spotlight and in our social circle.  And, when we are feeling imperfect we look in the mirror, and if our smile is not quite straight we feel slighted and unlucky, compared to those who have a naturally beautiful smile. I Love Straight Teeth help you to feel like one of the lucky ones by explaining four of the most common problems and four ways to optimise your smile.

Four Common Problems & Their Solution

1# Crooked Teeth

If your front teeth are crooked, they slant or overlap each other they can be realigned with braces. Not only will your smile look wonderful with straight teeth but they will be healthier too.  When teeth overlap it is very difficult to keep them clean, and your oral health can suffer. Crooked teeth are more susceptible to cavities and gum disease.

2# Protruding Teeth

Sticking out front teeth are a very common problem. If your teeth protrude because they have been pushed forward, they can be brought back in line with a cosmetic brace. If they seem to protrude because they are so much larger than the adjacent teeth, they can be resized with cosmetic bonding.  If your teeth stick out because your lower jaw is too far back, you will need a more comprehensive orthodontic approach.

3# Overcrowded Teeth

If your teeth are overcrowded, they may benefit from being realigned with braces, provided there is enough space, or a little more space can be created with IPR, Interproximal Reduction.  IPR involves the dentist gently stripping a minuscule amount of enamel from between the teeth. This creates room for the teeth to move into their correct position.  Seriously overcrowded teeth may require the extraction of a few teeth.

4# Gappy Teeth

Gappy teeth are another common problem.  Enlarged gaps appear most often between the top front teeth, the incisors, but they can appear between any two teeth.  Braces can easily resolve the problem as there is plenty of room for the teeth to move.

Orthodontics Is The Solution

A brace consultation with the dentist, and the essential x-rays, will check the health of your teeth, diagnose the problem and find the solution.  Depending on your specific problem and your lifestyle you can have either a fixed brace or a removable brace.  Your dentist will advise you on which will be most suitable and effective.

Lingual braces and Six month braces are both fixed braces. A fixed brace is where tiny brackets are bonded to the teeth and the wires apply gentle forces to move the teeth. A Lingual brace is fixed to the back of the teeth where it is completely hidden. The clear fixed brace is bonded to the front of the teeth but is made from a tooth coloured material to blend with your teeth.  Both braces are the solution to many cosmetic teeth straightening problems, and both are custom made to fit.  Lingual braces are slightly more expensive as it is a more complex procedure to fit and adjust braces bonded to the reverse side of the teeth.

If moving your front four teeth, top or bottom will provide the solution, and speed is of the essence you might choose the Inman Aligner.  Dubbed the wonder brace by the press, this patented, removable aligner works by gently applying pressure, both in front and behind the teeth, via a series of tiny springs and bows.  The aligner works quickly but is not invisible.

An invisible solution, customised to fit is a removable aligner known as Invisalign.  Made of a medical grade translucent plastic, this brace fits over your teeth and is worn for 22h a day, removed to clean your teeth and when you eat. The aligners are replaced every two weeks until your teeth are repositioned.
Do you have crooked teeth or gaps in your teeth and you’re looking for a brace solution? Post your comment below we would love to hear from you.

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