Teenagers refused NHS treatment because deemed cosmetic cases only

A perfect smile, straight teeth and a healthy mouth and jaw – this is what every parent wants for their child. Therefore it comes as a shock to discover that orthodontic NHS funding for treatments, including braces, has been drastically reduced several times in recent years.

Why have orthodontics?

The teenage years are ideal for correcting dental problems. Braces, whether the traditional metal fixed braces or new invisible orthodontics, serve to improve the position, function and appearance of teeth and can be highly effective. However, the NHS only funds orthodontic work for medical reasons – that means that you can’t get braces on the NHS unless there’s a good reason to believe your teeth will cause a medical problem in your adult life.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

For many children the need is largely cosmetic – brace treatments give them a wonderful healthy smile and correct their bite so their jaws function well – but this needs to be privately funded as the NHS does not recognise such valuable and sometimes vital treatment as being medically necessary.

In addition, many parents opt for private treatment because they want their children to have invisible or removable braces, neither of which are available on the NHS. Privately funded orthodontics may also be desirable where long waiting lists mean that a teenager has to wait for desperately needed treatment.

Poor dentition can cause issues ranging from difficulty eating to crippling self-consciousness and for cosmetic reasons, young people may not be willing to wait to have the corrective dental work that will give them confidence.

Orthodontic care the easy way

Regular visits to the dentist are important when working with orthodontic treatments but this doesn’t have to be a chore. Our London clinics have flexible early morning, late evening and weekend appointments so children don’t have to miss school. With modern orthodontic methods monthly visits are the maximum requirement for brace adjustment, while with invisible or removable aligners this drops to every two months. At I Love Straight Teeth we like to keep in close touch with our patients so we can advise them on tooth care and adjust their braces to ensure they achieve the maximum possible effect in the shortest possible time. Our London-based dentists focus on delivering the best solutions to dental problems in young people because we believe this is when teenagers should be enjoying life to the full, not dreading the moment they have to smile.

Our commitment is to give all our patients the best possible smile in a cost-effective, swift and enjoyable fashion. Why not contact us today for a free consultation to see if we can help bring your teenager out of the shadows with a radiant smile?


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