How to Get Straight Teeth Naturally?

How to Get Straight Teeth Naturally


Some people are naturally lucky and grow up with straight teeth, but the majority of us are less fortunate and need a little help. I Love Straight Teeth have a real understanding of what people want, and a commitment to making you look and feel your most beautiful. We will help you straighten your teeth to get a natural looking smile you will want to share.


Adult teeth are not all the same shape. A natural smile has subtle differences, unlike the fake smiles of the bygone age of Hollywood actors. We allow those slight differences to keep your newly straightened smile not only looking fantastic but looking real, looking natural.


We focus on straightening the teeth visible in your smile.

It all depends on how slight or how over crowded your teeth are. Smile in front of a mirror and you can see which teeth show.  It is usually the front 4, 6 or 8 teeth which need realigning to give you a confident new smile. The key to a natural smile is understanding what’s important to you; whether you need a small adjustment to realign a protruding tooth or both your top and bottom teeth corrected.


Everyone feels better with a whiter smile, so we include powerful yet gentle professional teeth whitening as standard to give you a natural bright smile. Whitening must only be carried out by a dentist using a safe and tested whitening system.  Don’t try to whiten your teeth without our help.


Straighter teeth not only look good but are good for you too.  If your teeth don’t overlap, they are easier to clean which means you are less likely to have oral health problems leading to gum disease and decay.

Faster Results

By aligning the top front teeth and the bottom front teeth, we can give you the smile you want in no time at all. We don’t need to change the position of your back teeth, your bite, and we don’t extract healthy teeth for the braces to work. It all happens quicker than with traditional braces. In just 4 -9 months you can have natural looking straight teeth.

Your Options

Depending on your diagnosis and your lifestyle you can have a choice of:

Clear Fixed Braces Clear fixed braces are tooth coloured braces and wires. They are not invisible but very discreet.   In just 4-9 months you can have your essential smile, the smile you have envisaged you would like every time you look in the mirror.  

Lingual Braces Lingual braces, bonded to the back of your teeth where they are hidden from view, are totally discreet. They are the choice of professionals in the spotlight, as no one need know you are wearing braces. These fixed braces will straighten your teeth in just 4-9 months depending on the complexity of the problems involved.

Clear Removable Braces Clear removable braces are virtually invisible. They are custom made to fit over your teeth and make gentle movements. A new brace is supplied every two weeks and needs to be worn 22h a day until your treatment is complete.  You will look completely natural wearing your braces.

Accelerated Braces Accelerated removable braces are programmed to straighten four front teeth in just 6-18 weeks, depending on the degree of crowding. They work quickly and effectively on the four front teeth, upper or lower.  They need to be worn for 16-20h a day. These removable braces, with built in bows in front and behind the teeth to safely accelerate straightening, are not invisible but they are designed to be very discreet.

Do you want natural looking straight teeth? Post a comment below if you have any questions or need reassuring.

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6 thoughts on “How to Get Straight Teeth Naturally?”

  1. I want straighter teeth. I don’t have a particular date set. But I’m on the waiting list for braces but it’s too long. Please get back to me on how to get straighter teeth.

    1. Hi Ishrat
      We offer different types of braces discreet and fast working braces and we do not have a waiting list. In order to find out which would be most suitable for you we invite you to book a FREE consultation by calling us on 020 8788 8588 or by email on If you hit the book now button on the right side of the page you can select your time and day and book straight away.
      Best wishes

  2. So y all those questions what do i have to do to get one tooth straightened, and my 2 front teeth slightly turn inward, one of ny second teeth is crooked

    1. Hi Manda Waldner,
      In order to get straight teeth you need to have a sort of braces which can be very discreet or even invisible. It doesnt matter wether you want to move 1 or more teeth the treatment is similar. Please book a FREE consultation on 020 8788 8588 or so the dentist can assess your case and let you know the best option.
      Many thanks

  3. I’ve always hated the colour of my teeth and the straightness of them. I’ve been on the waiting list the seen an orthodontist for 18 months and they haven’t got back as of yet. I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me on how I can get straighter teeth without braces it would mean a lot

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