Great Expectations – Hopes of A Straight Teeth Consultation

Great Expectations – Hopes of A Straight Teeth Consultation


Tired of seeing a less than lovely smile reflected back from the mirror at you each day, perhaps you have decided to get your teeth straightened.  You have googled different treatments but the plethora of options is so overwhelming, and you are either struggling with what to do next or have capitulated, giving up on the idea.  Help is at hand.  I Love Straight Teeth will discuss your hopes and desires for a new smile and advise you of the different options and the best course of treatment to fulfil your great expectations. We have plenty of novel ideas that are more than the stuff of fiction.  Advanced technology has put some brilliant new treatments into the hands of dentists making lovely smiles a reality.

The Straight Teeth Consultation

At an initial consultation, the dentist will welcome you to the practice and give you plenty of time to talk about your hopes, listen to your ideas for your new smile and answer your questions.  No need to feel rushed or pressured.  We appreciate it is a big decision and care that you are fully informed and happy with our proposal.

During the consultation, the dentist will:

1# Examine your teeth and your oral health

2# Check the overall condition of your mouth, including your bite. He will tell you if your bite function needs correcting.

3# Look at the shape of your teeth and their colour, assessing whether or not they need adjusting.

Braces Are Bespoke

The dentist will determine whether or not you will benefit from braces.  It is not a case of one size fits all or all scenarios. You might benefit from an alternative treatment to braces, such as veneers, to make your smile radiate.  All braces must be bespoke; made just for you with your specific problem in mind.  

Invisible or Invisalign braces, discreet and easy to wear, might be the perfect option, or you might need only to reposition your incisors, your front teeth. You can have your teeth perfectly aligned in just six months; not just a great expectation but a fact, provided you are a suitable candidate. To learn more, take the Straight Teeth Test.

Not Suitable For Braces?

Even if you prove not to be a suitable candidate or braces are not for you, do not give up hope. We have a wide range of orthodontic appliances and treatments and will be able to discuss all the different options for your smile makeover during the consultation.

Remember no question sounds too silly, and you can take all the time you need. You will leave the practice educated and informed, confident you will make the right decision and be well on your way to your new and beautiful smile.

No quite ready to invest in braces? Post a comment below if anything is unclear and you would like your questions answered

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