6 months braces – How to choose a clinic for your new smile

6 months braces - How to choose a clinic for your new smile


Smile, and what do you see?  A slightly muddled row of discoloured teeth?  Too much gum and overlapping, protruding or chipped incisors you have lived with for years?  Would you like help with your smiles?  There is a wide range of treatments, so when you look in the mirror, you see straight teeth, white teeth and a confident, natural smile reflected right back in no time at all.

Whether you can budget a few hundred £’s or a thousand £’s or more, your embarrassment of a grimace can be brushed aside, and the pleasure of an attractive smile can be achieved in a few simple steps in the knowledge you are in safe hands.

The Steps

1# Whitening your teeth

You might want to begin by whitening your teeth.  Teeth become stained and yellow for so many reasons, including drinking wine, tea and coffee and no amount of brushing with whitening toothpaste can penetrate the enamel and have any real effect on the stains underneath.  There are a number of products on the market which claim to whiten your teeth at home, but most of these are futile, wasting your time and money. The safest, and most effective treatment is with the help of your dentist. With a number of proven treatments to choose from, we can advise you on every aspect of the procedure and give you a whiter, brighter smile in just ten days.

2# Repairing teeth

If you have any unsightly broken or chipped teeth, or an awkward gap, you may envisage the only way to repair the damage is with expensive porcelain veneers or crowns.  This was once the only choice but dentists can now repair your teeth invisibly and painlessly without having to remove the enamel from your teeth.  The modern treatment your dentist can now offer you is called bonding. Made from an adhesive material, combined with a resin, colour matched to your teeth, bonding is not only strong and resilient but looks perfectly natural once shaped and polished.  Our skilled dentists make sure no one will ever know your tooth was broken or chipped for a fraction of the price of a veneer.

And for more complex procedures….

Gums: If you have lived with gums which rest too low or too high on your teeth, spoiling your smile, you may be under the impression there is nothing to be done. Gums can recede due to a number of factors.  It might be genetic, the unfortunate side-effect of prescription medication or gum disease.  Contrary to popular belief, gums can be reshaped, giving the effect of longer teeth, or shorter teeth or more even teeth and a happier, more confident smile.  Gum shaping or sculpting can be carried out by an experienced dentist with no need for surgery and if it sounds painful, don’t worry.  With a skillfully administered anesthetic, you won’t feel a thing.   

What About Braces

Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, muddled or protruding teeth can be very distressing. In no time at all, comparatively speaking, you can have straight teeth if you opt for the Six Month Smile.  In terms of dental braces and straightening treatments, six months is quick.  And with the choice of

  1. Accelerated removable braces,
  2. Clear removable braces,
  3. Clear fixed braces
  4. Lingual braces

Nobody need know you are wearing braces.

Clear Aligner: Mild to moderate imperfections with your teeth, where perhaps only the four front teeth need correcting, might best be straightened with a clear aligner, custom made to fit over your teeth.  If you are in a great hurry and have a special date penned in your diary, you might chose a removable brace called the Inman Aligner.  Known as the Wonder Brace, this patented aligner with its spring loaded mechanism slips over your teeth manipulating them gently into their correct position.

Fixed Braces: More complex teeth straightening problems may call for a fixed brace which, unlike its predecessors, is now lightweight, clear and more comfortable. And best of all, the Lingual brace which, fitted to the back of your teeth is not only hidden but much easier to wear than braces used to be.

Skilled Dentists

Whether you choose to pop into the dentist for a whitening treatment or decide to stay a little longer and have your teeth straightened, it is essential you select a qualified, skilled and experienced dentist of good repute before you proceed with any kind of treatment, whether it is simple or complex.  And how do you know if your dentist meets all the requirements?  By choosing an I Love Straight Teeth member to administer your treatment you are safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a dentist who has been approved  and practices to the highest ethical standards.

When checking out a clinic, it is also worth scrutinising their website. Do the dentists provide case studies of previous patients, as these can often give a great insight into the quality and standard of their work?  This is also true of online reviews. Once you have a particular clinic in mind, whether it is the one closest to home or with the best patient studies, be sure to take advantage of the free consultation.  Meeting your dentist, receiving a diagnosis and an opinion concerning whichever treatment you are interested in, is the only way to build up trust and confidence before deciding to go ahead. If the clinic you have in mind doesn’t offer a free consultation, keep away. Check out the I Love Straight Teeth website here to see if there is a branch in your area.

Also, ensure you receive a full and written quote, and that it clearly states exactly what is included in your treatment, otherwise you could be hit with nasty, unwelcome hidden charges.

A win-win situation. Whitening treatment, bonding treatment, gum contouring or dental braces, whichever you choose will make for  a winning smile.

Are are things that you want to change about your smile? Let us know what would make you grin?

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