How To Invest In Your Smile Without Breaking The Bank

How to Invest in your Smile without Breaking the Bank


We all want to look our best for personal, social and career reasons. Our defects, however small, undermine our confidence.  If you are climbing the ladder to success but your smile is letting you down, you may not have the self-assurance to reach the dizzy heights you aspire to. Or perhaps you are happy to be a stay at home mum but are embarrassed to make new friends.  You know your smile is crooked, and you know you need to straighten your teeth, but fear the cost might make treatment out of your reach. By the time you have paid your rent and put food on the table, there is little left. Think again. I Love Straight Teeth explains how you can invest in cosmetic braces now, without winning the lottery or ending up on the breadline.

Facts and Figures

Why Straighten Teeth?

Cosmetic braces are not a superficial, fashionable treatment.  A beautiful smile is for life. It is not only an investment in your future but your well-being and your oral health.  Cosmetic braces focus specifically on the front teeth, top and bottom, the teeth which show when you smile.

A lovely smile gets you noticed and gives you the confidence to put yourself forward for promotion.  A career advance and a pay rise will soon pay for your treatment.

Overcrowded, overlapping and crooked teeth can prevent you from smiling and looking approachable.  The new friends you would like to make are avoiding you. Your social life is in tatters, and you feel depressed.  A new smile will help you win new friends and feel like one of the chosen ones. A happier you and a more successful you.

Crooked, over-crowded and overlapping teeth are notoriously difficult to keep clean which can lead to gum disease, decay and eventual tooth loss which can end up costing you more than your braces in the long run.

The benefits of straightening your teeth are multiple. The bottom line is you can’t afford not to.

How to Straighten Teeth?

A free consultation with your dentist, and after you decide if this is for you, the necessary x-rays will diagnose the problem and the solution.  Depending on which teeth need to move, you can choose from four types of cosmetic braces.  All the braces are efficient and effective but work in different ways.  Two are fixed braces, bonded to your teeth for the prescribed amount of time, and two are removable.  They are all discreet, some completely invisible.

How Much?

Let’s start at the top.  Lingual braces are custom made, fixed braces, which cost from  £2,500.  The choice of professionals and people in the spotlight, these hidden braces are fixed to the back of your teeth where they can’t be seen.  Lightweight, comfortable and easy to care for, these braces soon move your teeth into the desired new position, giving you your optimal smile. Don’t worry if you think you cannot afford them, there are ways you can mix your braces.

6 month braces: from £1,500 are another fixed brace, but these are fixed in the traditional position, bonded to the front of the teeth.  However, as the brackets are wires are all tooth-coloured they blend with your teeth making them very discreet.

If you are in a hurry to straighten your teeth, the Inman Aligner will cost from £1,250.  This patented design has a spring-loaded bow in front and behind the teeth, and the gentle forces realign your teeth in no time at all. A removable brace, worn for 22h a day, you take it out to eat and clean your teeth. The Inman Aligner is not invisible, but you will not be wearing it for long!

The invisible aligners start from £1,250; this type is a moulded brace, custom made from clear medical grade plastic to fit right over your teeth. Worn for 22h a day, replaced every few weeks, the aligners gently move your teeth into the correct position.

Making Your Investment.

At your free consultation, the dentist will advise you of the best treatment, and the front desk team will put together your personal treatment plan and, with an eye on your brace budget, a monthly payment plan.

Small adjustments will soon help pay for your beautiful new smile. Those little expenses we make every day soon add up and can sometimes be bad for us and our teeth.  Consider cutting out those chocolate bars, crisps, and fizzy drinks which rot the teeth.  A daily cappuccino from the artisan coffee shop around the corner can cost a fortune over time.  Spend the weekend reviving last year’s summer outfits instead of a Saturday shopping spree for new clothes or consider spending this year’s holiday at home to pay for your braces.  The effect will last a lifetime.

Keep in mind that braces are an investment, and you should protect your investment.  As soon as your teeth have been straightened, you will need a retainer to keep your teeth in position. There’s no sense in paying for braces if you’re going to waste your money by not following through, for life.

Not quite ready to invest in braces? Please post a comment below if anything is unclear and you would like you questions answered.

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