4 Common Questions & Answers About Braces Behind Teeth

4 Common Questions & Answers About Braces Behind Teeth In London - image


Among the most widely preferred braces is the Lingual braces, which are just like traditional braces, only they are more discreet, as they are attached to the inside of your mouth, and behind the teeth, so they stay well-hidden from view. They are the perfect option for people that want not only a beautiful smile and gorgeously straight teeth, but also to go passed unnoticed when they wear braces. Now, for those that still have considerations about this type of treatment, here are the 4 most-commonly-asked questions about braces behind teeth:

1. How do lingual braces look?

In traditional braces, you have metal brackets bonded on your front set of your teeth. With Lingual braces, they are customized to bond at the back of your teeth, offering great comfort when you smile as they remain invisible, either when you smile or when someone is not looking into your mouth too closely.

2. How do lingual braces feel?

Regardless of the type of treatment you opt for, a slight discomfort is expected at first. After all, you force your teeth to change a position they have had for so long! Since Lingual braces start doing their job instantly, you may feel some tension in your mouth, which varies from one person to another. Some people feel a tightening sensation when the braces are adjusted, but generally, the discomfort you will feel is completely tolerable and little.
You might also have some speech issues on your first hours or the first day (see lispering) after the fit. However, your tongue will quickly adapt and you won’t even notice when you are back to normal!

3. How long do lingual braces treatment take?

With Lingual braces, you can expect results to be achieved within just 4-9 months as it is a very efficient accelerated cosmetic braces system. However, you do need to have an assessment before the approximate length of your treatment is determined by your dentist.

4. How much do lingual braces cost?

To begin with, Lingual braces are custom-made. We use CAD/CAM and robotic wire technologies to get them a perfect fit to your smile. This customization process also tends to make treatment more involved and timely. As you can understand the costs of anything custom-made or that uses specialized technology are usually higher.

Moreover, Lingual braces require extra training. You won’t find them an available option at every dentist’s practice since there are not so many dentists with such specialized skills. In order to acquire the skills needed, a dentist has to take continuing education courses before they can have expertise on Lingual braces. This is reflected into the lingual braces cost too.

If you are willing to invest your time and money in your health and wonderful smile, then the benefits of this particular investment are definitely money well-spent!

With Lingual braces, your teeth get straighter very fast, and as they are fitted at the back of your teeth, nobody will notice you are wearing them, allowing you to enjoy each step of the way before you get to the wonderful and straight smile of your dreams!

How would you want to perfect your smile? Lingual Braces? Please post your comment below.

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