7 oral hygiene essentials when wearing braces

7 oral hygiene essentials when wearing braces


 Once your braces have been fitted, whether they are conventional fixed braces, Lingual braces, or aligners, including Invisalign, you need to know how to clean your teeth and your braces.  The success of the final result, a natural smile you are proud of, depends largely on your oral hygiene.

Ultimately, straight teeth will not look good if your teeth are not cared for, healthy and bright.  I Love Straight Teeth will tell you the seven steps to fit into your daily routine, so they become second nature. After all, you will be wearing  braces for anything from four months to twenty-four months, depending on the complexity of your case, and you will want not just straight teeth but healthy, clean, white teeth to give you a confident smile.

7 Oral Health Tips

1# Brush your teeth in the morning and at night

Carefully brush around the brackets and wires, if you have fixed braces.  Clean your removable aligner as you have been shown by your dentist. Make sure to brush every tooth at the gum line as well as above and below the brackets. This will ensure you’ll reach the greater part of the tooth’s surface and help to remove plaque and food debris.

2# Clean your teeth, braces or aligner every time you eat.

It is essential to clean removable aligners carefully to keep them clear and bright.  After all, the last thing you want is little pieces of food stuck between the aligner and your teeth, like a dirty goldfish bowl.

3# Rinse with a fluoride mouthwash at night.

The last thing at night, after brushing your teeth and braces, rinse with a fluoride mouthwash.  All night long, as you sleep, the mouthwash forms a shield and help to prevent gum disease and decay.

Also remember to rinse your mouth out with water to help loosen food particles before you brush your teeth.

4# Use a tepe brush

To remove awkward pieces of food debris which get stuck in your wires or brackets. Gently flossing with a tepe brush or soft pick removes food particles from hard to reach areas you can’t reach with a toothbrush, such as the narrow gaps between your teeth and especially in wires and brackets.  Lingual braces, bonded to the reverse of the teeth need careful attention as they are hard to see.  A compact mirror is a useful addition to your braces emergency kit.

5# Make regular visits to the hygienist to have your teeth and braces professionally cleaned.

Regular visits to the hygienist are essential and even more so when you are wearing braces.  The hygienist will professionally clean your teeth, brackets and wires, help prevent and treat gum disease and show you the best way to keep your braces really clean and your teeth free of plaque, the sticky coating which forms on your teeth.  If your teeth are stained or yellow, your dentist can suggest a safe whitening treatment.

6# Keep your regular dental check-ups.

Even though you are wearing braces, you will still need to keep your dental check-ups.  Twice a year your teeth should be inspected for signs of decay or gums disease.  Prevention is better than cure, and your dentist can alert you to potential problems.

7# Avoid fizzy drinks and foods containing sugar.

The high content of sugar in fizzy drinks can wreak havoc on your teeth.  Avoid such refreshments and sugary foods such as biscuits and sweets. If you need a sugar fix, replace sweets with fruit you really enjoy.

Help Your Crooked and Overcrowded Teeth

Apart from aesthetics, one of many reasons to have your teeth straightened is crooked teeth. They can be very challenging to keep clean.  Plaque can build up is hard to reach areas, resulting in bacterial infection, gum disease, cavities and eventual tooth loss. When your braces have been fitted, they will, little by little, move your teeth to their correct position making it much easier to clean your teeth and improve your oral health.  


It is a good idea to prepare for wearing braces and keep essential items with you at all times. This can make going to a restaurant or eating with friends so much more enjoyable if you know you are ready. You should keep a toothbrush, some tepe brushes or soft picks, a travel size tube of toothpaste, a compact mirror and some dental wax in a small cosmetic bag.  Wherever you are, you will need to clean your teeth and braces after eating.

Follow these steps and your oral hygiene routine will soon become second nature and your straight teeth treatment a great success.

If you would like a healthy new smile but your still worried about braces contact us on the form below and we will answer all the questions you have.

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