Do you think nothing can be done for your crooked teeth?

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Are you among those that have convinced themselves nothing can be done for their crooked teeth? Do you find yourself somewhat withdrawn from your social interactions and avoid becoming too engaged with others, out of embarrassment for your teeth? Truth is, you are not alone. We have seen several cases of patients that felt exactly the way you feel about their facial appearance -teeth in particular- before they booked their first free consultation with us.
We are always sad to hear real stories of people coming to our clinic for the first time, telling us how frustrated they felt about their crooked teeth, since we know that there is so much we can do to fix that problem and restore one’s lovely smile. To be frank, if there is an era where technology has made gigantic leaps and provided dentistry with the best and latest equipment and techniques to straighten crooked, gappy, or spaced teeth, it is our current times.

Introducing Dana’s Case

Take Dana, for example. This wonderful lady thought nothing could be done for her crooked teeth and had shown the white flag. She simply struggled to smile in public and was very embarrassed with her teeth.

When she came to I LoveStraightTeeth for a free consultation, her teeth were not only in poor condition, but also crooked, which made it difficult for her to clean and floss properly. We have gone through, in great detail, the dangers lurking when oral health is jeopardised. Clearly, Dana had to do something about the condition of her teeth.

Crooked Teeth Procedure

The dentist recommended her the clear fixed braces, which are tooth-coloured wires fitted at the front of the teeth. But, before that, she started off with a gum treatment and had some fillings done, too. This is a procedure we follow, when needed, to make sure our patients’ teeth and gums are healthy before we can fit the braces. That said; Dana decided to have cosmetic braces and not go for the comprehensive approach, which would also treat her bite and the alignment of her teeth, at the same time. For that reason, we did not take any teeth out.

And, look at her, just a mere 12 months later! This is the result…She just can’t stop smiling! Can you blame her?


After the Brace Removal

After the brace removal, we did some contouring and bonding to smoothen the edges of the teeth, add some artificial enamel to make them more even. In addition, she also did home teeth whitening and completed an already perfect picture!
Now, she wears fixed retainers and a removable retainer at night time, to maintain the excellent results achieved and prevent the teeth from moving back to their original (bad) position.
Needless to say, Dana now sees our hygienist regularly to keep her teeth and gums in supreme condition and healthy.


Do you think Dana’s case is just one of the many? That it just happened to have such superb results? Let’s have a friendly conversation upon YOUR first free consultation.

Not ready for that step, yet? No problem. Share your comments below we would love to hear your concerns.

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