Make Time for a Smile: New Smile in Months with Lingual braces

Make Time for a Smile New Smile in Months with Lingual braces


A million people a year in the UK now have their teeth straightened, with lingual braces.  You may be confused by the countless choices for braces available and don’t know which is best or who to trust.  And, more importantly, you may think you just don’t have the time to get your teeth straightened in between your important job and your next holiday.  Fear not, science and technology have overhauled the way teeth are straightened and has given us Lingual braces; the braces of the future and I Love Straight Teeth.

The Lingual Difference

With Lingual braces, we can all make time for a smile.  Lingual braces differ from traditional braces as they are placed on the reverse of the teeth, as opposed to in front, and are a great substitute for those who would like teeth straightened without their braces being visible. They can be fitted to both your upper and lower teeth and nobody will know you are wearing braces unless you tell them.

The Steps

1# The first step for Lingual braces involves a consultation with the dentist to assess whether or not your teeth are suitable for Lingual braces.

2# The dentist makes a mould of  your teeth, which is sent to the laboratory and is used to make the bespoke brackets to fit the shape of your mouth.

3# The brackets are then fixed to the reverse side of your teeth by the dentist and the arch wires fitted.

4# They are adjusted at regular intervals until your teeth are repositioned and you have beautiful, straight teeth and a lovely smile.

5# The brackets and wires are then removed and a retainer fitted to keep your teeth in place.

How They Work

Lingual braces work by applying a mild but constant pressure on the teeth, to help them slowly move into their new and correct position. To be effective, treatment can take anywhere from just three months to nine months, depending on the individual patient’s overcrowding or crooked teeth or their bite. The dentist will be able to tell you how long your teeth will take to straighten at your first consultation.

Your Investment

Not all dentists offer lingual braces because of the training and technical expertise that are required. Braces are, without doubt, a positive investment. Because Lingual braces are made individually for each patient,  treatment tends to be more intricate. As with all good quality braces, the materials and brace costs are more expensive.  I Love Straight Teeth have put together a financial plan to help you spread the cost as you make time for your best investment; a great smile.

A Happy Note!

A beautiful smile is worth the awkwardness and expense of braces but some people are still reluctant to invest in braces despite the difference they can make. Lingual braces will make you change your mind. Achieving a great smile with healthy, straight teeth is unquestionably worth the time, energy and love you give yourself.

Are you thinking of getting  a new smile  with lingual braces? Do you have any questions? Please post your comments below and we will answer.

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