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Do you feel somewhat uncomfortable wearing braces? Does even the idea of having a mouthful of metal braces retract you from smiling and feeling confident? Maybe, it is because traditional braces is NOT your type of braces.

For you that want a discreet, yet equally effective, orthodontic treatment, we present:  LINGUAL BRACES.

Watch this short video of model and Made In Chelsea beauty Ianthe Rose sharing her experience with lingual braces:



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An excellent alternative to conventional braces that corrects a series of orthodontic issues, such as:

*     Misaligned bite
*     Gappy teeth
*     Crowded teeth
*     Teeth that have rotated out of their normal position

The difference between braces you know of and Lingual Braces is that the latter are bonded at the back of your teeth, which makes the metalwork of braces literally invisible. What does this give you? A highly functional and aesthetically pleasing option to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing it!

On top of that, you skip irritation inside of your lips and the cheeks; an issue most normal braces’ wearers have to deal with at some point in their treatment. No wonder Lingual Braces is an option that many athletes seeking for added protection and musicians that play wind instruments opt for, blindfolded!

How Fast Can you Expect Results?

With Lingual Braces working in stealth mode (being invisible, that is), your smile is fixed in just 4-9 months, on average. The overall duration of the treatment though is determined by your dentist, who will assess your mouth before they commence with the cosmetic braces system.

How are Lingual Braces Fitted?

We are dealing with an entirely customised treatment, formed of 2 principal components:

*     The brackets – Placed at the back surface of your teeth, just like ordinary braces.
*     The arch wires – They help deliver the teeth straightening work by connecting the brackets.

You’ll need 2 visits to fit Lingual Braces, during which, the following procedure is followed:

1.     Your dentist uses a special mould to take impressions of your teeth.
2.     The impressions are then sent to the lab so the technician can create your very own customised brackets that will fit the shape of your mouth perfectly.
3.     The dentist applies cement to the areas the brackets will be fitted and then presses them into place.
4.     The dentist installs the arch wire, which has also been strictly customised to fit your unique smile line.

Why Doesn’t Every clinic Offer Lingual Braces?

First and foremost, Lingual Braces is a treatment that requires extra training and continuing education courses, to achieve the wondrous effects you can have a look at results by browsing through our stories section.

Secondly, to apply Lingual Braces, you need robotic wire and CAD/CAM technologies, to make sure the braces are perfectly fitted to your smile. This is something that not all dental practices can afford.

I Love Straight Teeth is among the very few and first clinic, to perform this treatment in London, whose customisation process makes the treatment more timely and more involved. This is another reason most practices do not offer Lingual Braces.

Final Notes:

Once the arch wire is installed, you’ll immediately feel the Lingual Braces work. At first, some slight discomfort or a tightening sensation is expected, since, like any other orthodontic treatment, we are forcing the teeth to leave the position they had for many years, and shift into a new one. However, this is only temporary and entirely tolerable, for the limited time you’d be experiencing these feelings.
You just need to give yourself the time to adjust to this new condition. You’ll be amazed by how quickly your tongue will adapt to Lingual Braces and leave behind any lisping issues you may be facing during your first hours!
Finally, your agenda should include regular visits to the hygienist to ensure you have a long-lasting effect.

At I Love Straight Teeth, we love challenges as they raise the bar and push us to outperform ourselves. Our team of dentists have invested countless hours in acquiring the know-how of the latest in dentistry that can help patients live a healthier life and give them every reason to smile for!

Contact us or give us call on 020 8788 8588 to book your FREE Consultation and let’s explore your options! We’re sure we’ll impress you!

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