Lingual Braces – The Real Deal. Part Two

Lingual BRACES – The Real Deal Part Two-2


In Part One we discussed what Lingual Braces are and the cost but, before you make a decision and commit to a beautiful smile in, you may be concerned Lingual Braces could be painful or there could be complications.

None of us want to put ourselves through unnecessary pain, especially if we have busy lives.  We thought we would never get used to having our legs waxed or our eyebrows plucked, but we do and the discomfort we initially felt pales into insignificance when we feel groomed and good about ourselves.

Lingual Braces – The Challenges

There are always challenges with braces but, unlike traditional braces, Lingual Braces are not so difficult to get used to.  Although it may take a day or two to come to terms with having braces next to your tongue and you may feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, any frustrations soon wear off.  The wires and brackets may irritate for a while and the brace may affect your speech initially, especially if you are a chatterbox or have to talk a lot on the phone as part of your job. If you practice speaking, you will soon adapt to working your tongue around the brace and need not fear you are going to lisp.

Lingual Braces are highly functional and you will soon forget any initial minor irritants. Nobody we have talked to, who has been fitted with Lingual Braces and improved their smile, has ever regretted their decision.

Post Fitting

The team at I Love Straight Teeth clinic will help you prepare for any complications when they fit your customised Lingual Brace.  For example, for the first few days following your initial treatment, eating may be a problem. You certainly won’t want a rare steak or be biting into an apple for a while. It is best to stock the fridge with some tasty, wholesome soups and soft foods. You can warn your partner, boyfriend or husband, if you have one, kissing is going to feel a little different for a while.  However, you can buy a special dental wax at any chemist, or we are happy to give you some, which will prevent the brackets being an annoying interruption. As your teeth gently move into their new position, any discomfort you feel will ease and in no time at all you will feel and look amazing.

Your Challenges Do Not Last Long

We will assess your teeth and estimate the time scale before commencing treatment. In 4 -9 months, on average, your teeth will be straight. There is no need to think you will be suffering for the entire period of your treatment. Any discomfort very soon dissipates and you can carry on as normal, with lots to look forward to. Your dentist will also be happy to discuss any niggling doubts you have at your initial Free Consultation and allay any fears. Perhaps you are a singer or a musician and think you are going to have to take an extended period of time off work, or a nurse or lawyer who spends most of their working day talking to patients or clients.  No matter your profession, or your reservations, I Love Straight Teeth loves a challenge and always see patients are fully informed before committing to Lingual Braces.

Now you know more about the way braces work. In Part 3 of Lingual Braces  we will be discussing how to take care of your Lingual Braces. For any questions, concerns, or queries, please feel free post your comments below and we will be sure to answer. 

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