3 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Straight

3 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Straight


Whatever type of brace you are wearing, whether it is fixed or removable, wires and brackets or clear aligners, you will want to keep your teeth straight, in their new position, once all your work on your fabulous new smile is complete.  I Love Straight Teeth will tell you how with a choice of three ways to keep your teeth straight.

Permanent Smiles

Many patients we see for braces have come to us the second time around.  They had braces fitted in their teenage years only to find their teeth have moved, and they are just as crooked or protruding as they originally were.  They want to know if, at the end of the day, we can make their new smiles permanent.

Just as, with braces, your teeth have moved little by little, making tiny adjustments until some months later they were in their correct place, they can, just as easily, move back to their original position unless you have a retainer to keep them in place.  The bones and tissue need to adjust and heal over time but, naturally, without a retainer, teeth will drift.

1# Fixed Retainer

To prevent your teeth going their own way it is best to have a fixed retainer put in place when your braces are removed to ensure this never happens. It is a very important part of braces treatment.  A fixed retainer is a tiny piece of wire bonded to the reverse side of the teeth.  It is so slim and discreet you will not notice it is there. You are the only person, aside from your dentist, who need ever know you have a fixed retainer in place.  Not only is it invisible but it is comfortable. The retainer remains in position indefinitely protecting your teeth from moving.

2 # Removable Retainer

Alternatively, you can be fitted with a removable retainer to wear at night.  A removable retainer is a clear plastic retainer, made to fit over your teeth, just like an aligner.  The problem with removable retainers is you must remember to put them in every night before you go to bed.  Some patients, in time, forget.   

3# Retention Bar and Clear Retainers

Many patients have a combination of a retention bar and clear retainers to maintain their smiles.  It may seem like belt and braces, but it is the most efficient way of keeping your teeth straight.  After all your hard work, time and expense, don’t let things slip and spoil the joy of finally having straight teeth and a confident smile.

For all of you who have successfully endured treatment and worn braces for anything from six months to two years to straighten your teeth, the relief of finally having your braces removed and seeing your new smile without wires and brackets is a very special moment. Make that moment last forever.

Anything we haven’t cover on retainers? Post your comment below and we’ll make sure to answer.

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