Invisalign Braces to Align Teeth? Now, to Lose Weight, too!



Would you ever consider that, apart from a gorgeous smile and beautifully aligned teeth, clear removable braces can actually help you shake off those extra pounds, as well? No need to wonder how. Just follow these lines and find out!

How Invisalign Braces Work

To begin with, just a few basics. Invisible braces are the best alternative to traditional braces orthodontic treatment. With transparent teeth aligners that you can remove at your convenience, you kill two birds with one stone: get the full benefits of a discreet teeth-straightening treatment, and enjoy the comfort of choosing when you want to take your aligners out of your mouth. Invisalign braces need to be worn approximately 22 hours per day, and you need to take them off when you brush your teeth, eat, or drink, except when drinking water. Also, if you take them off, you need to brush your teeth before you wear them again.

How can Invisalign help lose weight?

1# Daily Habits of Wearing Removable Aligners

As already mentioned, Invisalign are easily removable, if you need to eat or drink and you do need to brush your teeth every time you want to wear them again. Considering that this could be a huge waste of time in a daily routine that moves with the speed of light, sometimes, chances are you will avoid snacking or drinking fatty beverages at the (perhaps, increased) paces you used to! Instead, you could use that time to do something more creative, or simply enjoy some minutes relaxing and easing your mind from the daily wear and tear.

2# Daily Wear of 22 Hours

Others think of their Invisible aligners as an investment, and, as such, they want to protect them! What better protection is there, than leaving the Invisalign do their work inside your mouth, instead of risking to damage them from a constant on and off? You could even lose them, like some of our clients that had left their aligners in their hotel room and went to have a snack, only to return to their room and realize the hotel’s cleaning personnel had thrown their Invisalign braces away! Anyway, if you are close to this mind-set already, and treat your aligners as a precious brace investment, you will soon realize that binge eating will be significantly reduced, if not eliminated at all, after a while!

3# Increased Fluid Daily Intake

However, losing weight and achieving a wonderful smile are not the only benefits you can reap from wearing Invisalign braces. There are collateral advantages, too.  For example, we all know that water is the sine qua non of life. So, with limited food intake, because of the aforementioned reasons, and probably increased amounts of water running in your system (so to subside your hunger!), you do not only see your extra weight melt, but also experience a much healthier you, with more radiant skin and rejuvenated metabolism!

It is unbelievable how a small retraction from eating and drinking of fattening beverages, when wearing Invisalign braces, out of limited time to remove, eat or drink, and then wash your teeth before you wear them again (or simply because you are too bored to do so!), can lead to such amazing health-related results! Of course, you can always give in to your cravings with your Invisible braces on, but this would just ruin your orthodontic treatment. At this point, it is you who decide if this is worth it or not.

To sum up, aligning your teeth with Invisalign braces provide you with excellent real results when you want to enhance your facial beauty, and also add a stepping stone to an overall better health, with reduced weight, refreshed skin, and increased metabolism!

Do you want to straighten your teeth with Invisalign or are you wearing removable aligners? Please post your comment below we would love to hear your personal experiences?

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