How to Bring Sticky Out Teeth Back With Lingual Braces

sticking out teeth


Prominent or Sticking out teeth are a common issue affecting a large number of people in the UK, especially children around their 12th year of age. Correcting this problem is one of the most common reasons why someone enters an orthodontist’s practice. If not treated at a young age (at around adolescence), adult individuals eventually end up in a clinic to have their teeth treated with dental braces, either fixed or removable, that will help reduce the prominence of the teeth..

Causes of Sticking Out Teeth

Prominent front teeth can be the outcome of a variety of causes. It could be due to pressure from the tongue that is pushing forwards, as well as from the jaw that is growing throughout life. When the front teeth are sticky out, we can see the side surface of the front teeth. This is indicated in a sideways view, where we can see the teeth pointing forwards.

Other causes that lead to having prominent teeth are skeletal factors and genetics. For example, a patient may have a protruded upper jaw, or a retruded lower jaw. It could also be a combination of them both that can cause sticky out teeth. Some say that even some habits, such as thrusting your tongue, may lead to the development of prominent teeth.

Hazards of Sticking Out Teeth

One of the hazards with prominent upper front teeth is that they may be injured or chipped and cause considerable distress to the person. Set aside that, it is the psychological factors that should also be noted. People with prominent teeth tend to lose their self-esteem and confidence, due to their appearance that they feel is not pleasing. Also, you may force you to breathe from your mouth, or prevent you from chewing your food properly, which are both bad habits that should be avoided.

Options to Fix Prominent Teeth: Lingual Braces

If we want to bring the teeth back, without having to bring them back too much, then we can use a brace behind the teeth that will help us attach the teeth and bring them back. What we do is fit the brace behind the teeth from about the molar tooth and with the use of a chain, we help the teeth move further backwards.

Looking at a side view and a top-down view, you will realise that you can now see less of the side surface of the front teeth and that the teeth have come back much nicer into a nice horseshoe shape.

Options to Fix Prominent Teeth: Lingual Braces


The advantage of lingual braces is that you’re able to do a precise setup to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve and you’re able to verify this and prove this in the setup beforehand, so we can look at everything together.

As you can see from the side surface view, the central front teeth have been pushed forwards and are tipping forwards. However, we can see from the setup view that the teeth have come forward nicely and have come back rather nicely, to the correct position.

how-to-bring-sticky-out-teeth-back-with-lingual-braces-in-london-1 how-to-bring-sticky-out-teeth-back-with-lingual-braces-in-london-3

If you’re looking to get your teeth straightened using lingual braces and you’re not sure about your options? Please post your comment below we will respond the soonest possible with all the answers you are seeking for!

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