Can I get straight teeth and hate the result? Yes…read on.

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Comprehensive orthodontics vs. Cosmetic Orthodontics

There are people that want their front teeth to be straight, but they also want them to go back. Will they get them right? This is where their primary concerns, usually, lie. These people’s front teeth are too far forward; this means, their teeth can be straight, with a beautiful horseshoe shape, but feel the front teeth too prominent. In other words, all the teeth will sit next to each other perfectly, but still be protruded.

Why is this happening?

It is because the lower jaw is either too small or too far back. In some cases, it is the entire upper jaw that is too far forward and makes the person have sticky out teeth. People with protruded teeth, because of a too prominent upper jaw, show much of their gums and they may even have their lips raised up too much. Some patients admit struggling to get their lips over their sticky out teeth, which is so annoying and uncomfortable.
In short, if you don’t get an orthodontic treatment that will get your teeth straight and correct the issue with your prominent front teeth, you won’t achieve a natural appearance and probably hate the result of your treatment.

What to Do?

To deal with such complex issues, it is important to assess and quantify each case, to make sure the proposed results will match what the patient is looking for. This is precisely how I Love Straight Teeth handles patients’ cases. We go through your options in great detail and after evaluating your mouth and overall oral health, we recommend the solution that would suit you perfectly.
We use digital setups to show the predictability, when extractions are needed and help in the planning of the case

Can I get straight teeth and hate the result? on. - image Can I get straight teeth and hate the result? on. - imageCan I get straight teeth and hate the result? on. - imageCan I get straight teeth and hate the result? on. - imageCan I get straight teeth and hate the result? on. - image

As you can see from the images, we can even simulate and show different outcomes, which is standard procedure when planning your new smile or choosing your braces. And, all that, to be 100% sure that the option we recommend is the right one for you. In any other case, you’d be ending up with a treatment that won’t deliver the expected and desired results.

At I Love Straight Teeth, you will find a wide variety of comprehensive and cosmetic orthodontic treatments that can correct problem you may be dealing with. You could have your teeth completely aligned with no issues whatsoever in just 6 months with the 6 Months Braces, or you could as well be an excellent candidate for our other treatments, such as Inman Aligner, Lingual Braces, and Clear Removable Braces, to name just a few, that have helped 100s of people all over the UK get their confidence and superb smiles back!

Are you feeling anxious and concerned? Please post a comment below if you have any questions or need reassuring words.

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