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Cosmetic braces

Fast braces in the UK are very new compared to the clear and metal braces. This system was launched in the beginning of the year 2013 after several Fast brace courses by Dr. Anthony Viazis were conducted in January the same year. Most forward thinking practitioners in this sector have termed it as the easiest, fastest and safest system involving speed, efficiency, precision and comfort to the patient.

Advantages of fast braces

-The one wire technology used makes the entire process a piece of cake
-In most cases, extractions are not needed
-The treatment time varies, and it can be between 3-12 months.
-Post treatment retention takes only twenty minutes a day!
-There is a 24/7 technical support from the Fastbraces® team.
Teeth straightening involve several treatments such as invisalign, invisalign teen and lite and 6 Month smiles, to mention but a few. 6-Month Smile treatment is for teeth that are gaped or crowded or with under bites, over jets, overbites, open bites or cross bites. State-of-the-art technology is embraced in 6-Month Smile treatments to aid quick and comfortable teeth movements. Nickel titanium wires make the visible six front teeth to move when a person smiles. This treatment is discrete, comfortable and quick, taking only six months and C-fast braces are perfect replacements of metal braces that are commonly used. Sometimes, the treatment time depends on complexity. The treatment does not come without side effects. The treatment is not suitable for everyone and in the short term, speech is impaired.

Cosmetic dental surgery in general

With all and sundry craving for a up to the minute smile, the demand for cosmetic dental surgery has grown in leaps and bounds. The practice involves teeth whitening, (Most popular in the UK) veneers, teeth straightening, crowns or caps, bridges, smile makeover, teeth bonding, cosmetic contouring, white fillings and inlays, tooth replacement, full mouth reconstruction, and cosmetic dentures. The list is long.

Cosmetic dentistry prices in the UK

Veneers cost. Porcelain veneers can be used to restore damaged, discolored, gaped or crooked teeth by increasing the tooth dimensions. Veneers are shaped to follow the natural shape of the tooth and they are a chemical bonding agent bond the veneer to the tooth. The whole process may take longer than 15 years and the cost is about £350-£450 per tooth.

The cost definitely depends on the specific type of treatment, and it also varies from one practitioner to the other. In the case of teeth straightening, braces’ cost make many people to give cosmetic orthodontics a wide berth. However, the Fast procedure is relatively affordable. The invisible braces cost does not break the bank and this is due to quick treatment times and low laboratory fees. Overall, teeth straightening cost is affordable.

It is important to note that the price details provided in this document are subject to change due to various factors, and the exact information on prices can be obtained from specific dental clinics.

In conclusion, if one is considering cosmetic dentistry, and experienced cosmetic dentist is the way to go. You need to know the dentists experience, the number of procedures carried out successfully and the guarantees offered. The price is of concern too, and on top of being sensible, aftercare should be included in the pricing.

Not quite ready to invest in braces? Please post a comment below if anything is unclear and you would like your questions answered.

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