21 ways braces are price-less; dental braces costs explained

21 ways braces are price-less dental braces cost explained


If you are interested in straightening your teeth and achieving a beautiful smile you have probably tried to research how much brace costs are, and have drawn a blank.  Unlike a new car or a holiday, which you can budget for with a clear price label, various differentials have to be taken into consideration when pricing dental braces.  Whether braces are fixed or removable, it is not a case of one size fits all, or one price fits all. Although you may have come up with a ballpark figure, you probably want more than an approximation of the brace costs  involved to budget accurately.   I Love Straight Teeth  have drawn up a price list and explain why braces are both price-less and priceless, to help you make a choice.

The 7 Reasons Braces Are Price-Less.

When it comes to fitting braces to straighten your teeth, various scenarios have to be taken into consideration which differ from patient to patient:

  1. Your oral health, the condition and position of your teeth.
  2. X-rays and 3D imaging.
  3. The complexity of the issue.  Some patients  teeth may be mildly overcrowded; others may need more complex treatment.
  4. The duration of treatment.  Straightening teeth can take anything from three months to two years for treatment to be completed.
  5. The number of appointments with your dentist for check-ups and adjustments.
  6. The type and quality of custom-made braces or aligners, including laboratory costs.
  7. Visits to the hygienist.

Taking these seven differentials into consideration, you may think this sounds expensive, but you could be pleasantly surprised.  To give you a clear picture, I Love Straight Teeth invite you to a free consultation where the condition of your teeth can be assessed and a treatment plan drawn up.   The dentist can then give you a final estimate with no hidden extras to throw you off track.  We are happy to do this for you, and nobody will put you under pressure to commit to immediate treatment. You can go away and think it over before you make a decision.  The only pressure comes from your braces gently moving your teeth into their new, correct position.

If you have only mildly overcrowded, ‘gappy’ or crooked teeth, a clear, removable aligner, moulded to fit invisibly over your teeth, with a starting price of just £999, might be the best choice to resolve your particular problem.

Inman Aligners, with their clever spring-loaded mechanism, known as the Wonder Brace, because they work so quickly, are only slightly more expensive, starting at £1095.  This patented aligner works in as little as twelve weeks.

When it comes to more complex problems, you may need fixed braces. Fixed braces are bonded to your teeth with brackets and wires. Thanks to revolutionary technology in the world of braces, clear fixed braces, also known as Six Month Smile brace, which focuses on moving only the teeth which can be seen when you smile, can give you everything you hoped for, quicker than you could have imagined, with a starting price of £1595.

The choice of film stars and royalty, Lingual braces start with the premium price of £2000.  However, in spite of a marginally more expensive price tag, the majority of patients choose Lingual braces as, being bonded to the reverse side of your teeth, they are almost invisible and more comfortable than conventional braces.  After all, if you are going to be wearing braces for anything from six months to two years, you want to know that they will work effectively and not cause you any anxiety, discomfort, or embarrassment.

The 7 Ways Braces Are Price-less.

  1. Straight teeth and an attractive smile give you more self-esteem.
  2. A beautiful smile gives you confidence.
  3. Straight teeth make you more successful and fulfilled in both your work and in your social life.
  4. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean.
  5. Straight teeth are essential for good oral health.
  6. A beautiful smile will make you happier.
  7. Peace of mind. Our results are guaranteed, you know exactly what you are getting thanks to your personal results agreement.

I Love Straight Teeth know that braces are a necessary and invaluable investment, an investment in your future happiness, not simply a cosmetic treatment, and you may not want to delay a moment longer than you have to.  They also know braces are considered by some to be a luxury rather than an essential treatment.  Whether you want your teeth straightened for aesthetic reasons or for the sake of your health, not only do we keep the costs of braces affordable but we offer affordable payment plans to fit your budget.

The 7 Ways to Pay the Price.

  1. Come in for a free consultation and an estimate and save up for however long it takes.
  2. Pay upfront with your bank or credit card and you will be offered a discount for immediate payment.
  3. Ask for our convenient payment plan.
  4. Make regular payments over 12 months,
  5. 24 months or
  6. 36 months, according to how much you can afford.
  7. Forego your daily artisan coffees on the way to work, glossy magazines or weekly shopping expeditions and you will soon be able to pay for your new smile!

Before you go, take our Straight Teeth Test to help you decide if cosmetic teeth straightening is for you and which would be the best option to fit your deadline, social life and monthly budget.

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