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Can you Afford Crooked Teeth Affordable Braces


Every day you look at your teeth as you smile in the mirror in the morning or apply your make-up. If your teeth are crooked or out of line, you probably don’t like what you see.  You may have put up with a slightly distorted smile for years, in the belief that dental braces and treatment were too expensive and out of your reach. In the meantime, your colleagues, with their lovely smiles and straight teeth may have been more successful than you because they had more self-esteem.  I Love Straight Teeth will not only straighten your teeth and give you the confidence to achieve more, but will offer you a payment plan you can afford.

Your Options

There are several options available to straighten crooked, misaligned teeth.

Complex cases

For severe, complex cases, where the teeth have become crooked through overcrowding or have rotated, fixed braces will probably be the required option.  However, fixed braces have now been modified by technology and are lighter and more discreet with their translucent wires and brackets.  Most adult patients are appalled at the idea people will see their braces and opt for Lingual braces. The lightweight wires and brackets of Lingual braces are fitted to the reverse side of the teeth where they are concealed.  Almost invisible, and more comfortable, these braces are worn for anything from six months to two years, and the results are amazing.

Moderately crooked teeth

For mild or moderately crooked teeth, clear aligners are a clever option.  Custom made from a translucent medical plastic to fit over your teeth,  the aligners make gentle adjustments day by day.  As your teeth move, the aligners are regularly changed for new ones, to take account of the new position of your teeth, until treatment is complete.  Not only are they nearly invisible but they are removable.  You take them out to clean and to brush your teeth.  Worn all day and all night, they are at their most efficient, but you can leave them off for a special event without setting back your treatment.

Teeth straightened quickly

If you need your teeth straightened quickly, in time for an event you have planned or a job interview or advancement, mild crowding of your front teeth can be corrected in just twelve weeks. Inman Aligners, or Wonder Braces as they have been nicknamed, are removable aligners with built-in, concealed,   titanium coil springs. The springs power two aligner bows that work against each other, safely guiding the teeth into their new position.

Your Oral Health

Crooked teeth can lead to all kinds of dental health problems. Misaligned teeth are especially hard to keep clean as your toothbrush cannot reach all the surfaces of your teeth as effectively as it should.  Consequently, you can develop plaque which leads to gum disease, decay and eventually the tooth will be lost. Not only is this unpleasant and painful but can in time become very expensive if you need implants or dentures.  By straightening your teeth now, you can avoid unnecessary costs in the future.


Braces and braces treatment are reputed to be expensive.  All braces, whether fixed or removable, need to be custom-made from good quality materials and correctly fitted.  I Love Straight Teeth have put together a package to suit everyone, whichever kind of braces you need and choose, keeping the costs affordable.  From your first appointment where a full diagnosis is made and a treatment plan prepared, to the laboratory fees for your bespoke braces, the regular appointments to check your progress and adjust the wires, to your final visit and the fitting of your retainer, everything is accounted for.  We take into consideration what you can afford and offer you a monthly finance package, so you don’t need to delay.  You will want to laugh at how within your means your braces and a healthy, beautiful, winning smile will now become.

Are you wanting to correct your teeth but your not quite ready to invest.  Please post a comment below if anything is unclear and you want you questions answered. You can’t afford not to!

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