Clear Removable Braces


Watch model and actress Megan Morewood talk about her decision to go for the clear removable aligners as opposed to traditional braces (which she had worn as a teenagaer but wasnt advised to wear a retainer at the time and had a slight shift since).


How it works

Invisible Braces Benefits

  • precise planning
  • perfect aesthetics
  • final result can be viewed before the start of the treatment
  • changes of the treatment can be made at any time during the treatment
  • shorter time of treatment
  • snug fit
  • nearly invisible
  • extremely transparent and thin material
  • low cost
  • comfortable, invisible and free of pain
  • removable at any time
  • no influence on eating habits
  • unlimited hygiene
  • few and only short checks required
  • aesthetically convincing thanks to transparent optic
  • thinnest and therefore most transparent aligner system in the market
  • hardly visible and extremely transparent
  • digital production allows for most precise correction
  • best wearing comfort thanks to extremely soft plastic material
  • no impairment of speaking
  • snug fit and dimensionally stable


What’s the process?

Step 1: We need to assess your teeth and see how crowded or crooked they are. This is to measure how many millimeters of space we need to move the teeth. We then also check your bite to make sure your lower teeth don’t interfere with your proposed new upper straight teeth.
Step 2: We take the impressions to create custom made moulds of your teeth which can then be scanned by the computer to create a virtual model. This creates a simulation to show you what your result would be.
Step 3: Choose your ideal payment plan and new smile extras. We include teeth whitening with your new invisible braces making your smile better straight away.
Step 4: Once you are happy with the simulation, we manufacture your invisible braces.They are specially made to be comfortable and invisible. You have to change them every 2 weeks.
Step 5: The aligners fit exactly on your teeth and because they are transparent no-one will notice them. You need to wear them around 22 hours a day.
Step 6: Wear the aligner daily and watch your teeth become straighter whilst you are free to enjoy your life.

What’s the product?

A comfortable and virtually invisible brace that fits over your teeth. It straightens your teeth without disrupting your social life, speech or oral hygiene.

How are the visits?

You come to see us once every 60 days. This allows us to keep track of your treatment and take new moulds to ensure precise tooth movement and guaranteed results for you.

What’s my guarantee?

We guarantee comfortable, invisible braces that straighten your teeth & fully inclusive treatment packages that include everything you need for your straight teeth result.

How do I visit you?

Check the Branch Locator  to find your nearest I Love Straight Teeth centre. You can then book a Free Straight Teeth Consultation online or by calling the practice.

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