Clear Fixed 6 month braces information sheet (e.g Six month Smiles)

What’s the product?

A discreet white fixed accelerated brace that is fitted to the front of your teeth. It straightens the teeth visible in your smile in just 4-9months.


Fast results.

Works 24 hours a day

Fewer visits to the clinic needed than traditional braces.

Nothing to forget or remember to wear, it just works.

How are the visits?

You come to see us once every 30-40 days. This allows us to keep track of your treatment and we adjust the brace & supervise the treatment.

What’s my guarantee?

We guarantee comfortable accelerated braces that straighten your teeth and fully inclusive treatment packages that include everything you need for your straight teeth result.

How do I visit you?

We are based in Putney, south west London. We are conveniently located

1 minute from Putney overground station,which is only 20 minutes from London Waterloo. We are also reachable by tube walking distance from East Putney district line station.

What’s the process?

Step 1: Assessment 

We listen to you and understand exactly what you want to change and improve about your smile. We check to see if you are suitable for the accelerated braces & we then examine your teeth and smile to see how crowded or crooked your teeth are. We then give you a personalized treatment plan with monthly payment options to suit your budget.

Step 2: Records

We take the impressions to create accurate moulds of your teeth which can then be scanned by the computer to create a virtual model. This creates a simulation to show you what your result would be.


Step 3: Manufacture

Once you are happy we order your clear fixed braces.


Step 4:

We fit your clear fixed brace and go through all the care instructions with you.

Step 5:

We see you every 30 days to adjust and monitor your treatment until you have your straight teeth result.

Step 6:

We fit your chosen retainers and any aftercare treatments selected.

How much is it?

Clear Fixed Braces – such as 6 month smiles

  1. single arch from £1595
  2. double arch from £1795

Can I pay monthly?

Yes of course.

We can help fit your straight teeth into your budget

We offer monthly payments from £50 to make it convenient for you to get the option that suits you.

We offer 0% interest finance for 12months.

We also offer a scheme with a £500 deposit then £99 / month payments.


  1. 1.    Prepay & get teeth whitening included (£150 value).
  2. 2.    £500 deposit and monthly payments from £99 for 12months.
  3. 3.    Low cost finance over 2 years (from £50/month)

To book your FREE Consultation:

Call 0208 788 8588

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