11 Ways To Make You Smile: How To Choose Your 6 Months Braces Dentist

11 ways to make you smile how to choose your 6 months braces dentist


You might wish for a simple solution, such as teeth whitening, or something more major such as teeth straightening with a Six Month Smiles but whatever it is, you will need an experienced dentist, and this is where we can help you. From caring for our teeth every day to once-in-a-lifetime cosmetic treatments, we need the assurance we are doing the best we can for ourselves, with the best support  from our dentist and now help is near at hand.  I Love Straight Teeth are expanding and centres are opening across the country to bring Six Months Braces nearer to you. Choosing a dentist to fit your new braces can seem a daunting problem but if you know the right questions to ask, all becomes clear. I Love Straight Teeth makes it easy for you to find a good dentist you trust to give you the beautiful smile you long for.

1# Find A Good Dentist

Find yourself a good dentist by doing lots of research. An up-to-date website with all their latest offers on it is a good sign that the dentist is keen to look after their patients and attract new ones. Enquire as to the range of procedures they offer.

2# Dentists In Your Area

With the I Love Straight Teeth network of dentists expanding across the country, you can use the branch locator on the website to find a dentist offering ‘Six Month Braces’ near you. The best dentist is not necessarily you nearest dentist.  Travel a little further to find a dentist who can offer you the smile of your dreams in six months.

3# Meet Your Dentist

Take advantage of free consultations and open days to meet your dentist, discuss your needs, and build up trust and confidence.

4# Know Your Dentist

Check out your chosen dentist’s website for reviews, patient testimonials and case studies (before/after pictures and patients stories). I Love Straight Teeth’s blogs contain lots of helpful information to guide you when choosing your braces and your dentist.  

All the dentists affiliated to I Love Straight Teeth Network have been approved. They are not only well qualified and experienced but keep up to date with new procedures and ethical standards. You can be sure you are in safe hands.

5# Why Straighten Your Teeth?

Straighten your teeth, not only to give you an attractive smile and a boost to your confidence but to help with oral health issues.  Misaligned teeth are notoriously difficult to keep clean which can lead to a build-up of plaque, decay, gum disease and eventual loss of teeth.

6# Age Is No Obstacle To Braces

Don’t assume you are too old for braces.  We see patients from sixteen to over sixty who have successfully had their teeth straightened and are much happier for it. Beautiful smiles are for everyone.

7# The Time Factor

Look at your diary and see how long it is before you go on holiday, you are the bride or guest at a wedding, or have the opportunity of a new job?  Inman Aligners can straighten your teeth in just four months.  The Wonder Brace, as it has been dubbed by the press because it works so quickly, is a removable aligner which concentrates on moving the front four teeth; the teeth which are seen most when you smile.  You can soon have a beautiful, winning smile.

8# Your Choice

Perhaps you have mildly overcrowded or protruding teeth and want a simple alternative to fixed braces.  A clear removable aligner may be your best choice.  Custom-made aligners, made from a high-quality medical grade translucent plastic, fit invisibly over your teeth to move them little by little into the correct position with the least fuss. You visit your dentist once a month to check the position of your teeth and have the next aligner fitted. For minor cases they can realign your teeth in as little as 6 months.

9# Your Secret

More complex imperfections with teeth alignment can be corrected with a fixed brace.  If you don’t want anyone to know you are wearing braces, chose accelerated Lingual braces.  Fixed to the reverse side of your teeth, they are not only comfortable but completely hidden. They act similarly to 6 months clear fixed braces but are fitted behind your teeth. Unless you tell your friends, they won’t know.  We will keep your secret.

10# Good Practice

Have a retainer fitted as soon as your braces treatment is complete. A retainer keeps your teeth from slipping back into their old familiar position.

Don’t forget to smile.  A smile makes you shake off the winter blues!

11# What About The Cost

Review your budget and check out your dentist’s payment plans. Your beautiful new smile with a Six Month Brace might be more affordable than you once thought.

Do you want to straighten your teeth with 6 month braces? Have we not answered all your questions? If not post your reply below and we will answer 🙂

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