Choice or Necessity: Cosmetic Braces

Choice or Necessity Cosmetic Braces in London


Dental braces not only treat serious problems such as jaw and bite irregularities and overcrowded teeth which undermine your oral health but more minor issues which cause the patient to feel embarrassed or unhappy with their smile. With cosmetic braces, you too can have straight teeth not only to improve your smile but your confidence. You can become the self-assured person with a charismatic smile and the poise and style you desire.  The traditional metal braces associated with adolescents have been abandoned for discreet braces or aligners so no one need know you have paid a visit to I Love Straight Teeth unless you tell them.

Who Has Braces

It is not only teenagers who need braces.  Adults of any age who would like straight teeth can now achieve their wish with cosmetic braces.  There are quite a number of options to choose from, depending on the complexity of each case.

Choice Of Braces

Invisible aligners fit over your teeth and are worn all day and all night, only removed to eat or clean your teeth.  They are clear and discreet and reposition your teeth relatively quickly without the need for brackets and wires.  

Lingual braces are just as discreet but involve brackets and wires attached to the reverse side of your teeth that work by gently easing your teeth into their new position.  

Fixed braces. If you need more complex orthodontic treatment, such as aligning impacted wisdom teeth, modern fixed braces are now made from transparent, or tooth coloured plastic and are barely visible. With the stainless steel wires replaced by ceramic, they are much lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Comprehensive Orthodontics V’s Cosmetic Braces

Comprehensive orthodontics can be time-consuming as the teeth need to be gently eased, and not forced, into their new position and the treatment must not be rushed.  Whereas complex cases can take 18 to 24 months before treatment is completed and the brackets and wires removed and replaced with a retainer, cosmetic straightening can be finished in as little as 6-months. Comprehensive cases are more expensive than cosmetic braces not only because they require a specialist orthodontist but because of the length of time involved with more visits to the dentist to adjust wires and monitor progress.  Cosmetic braces are relatively inexpensive by comparison as they require far less time to work their magic.

Whatever your needs or desires, whether you have braces fitted by choice or necessity,  it is important to note only a qualified clinician should determine which type of braces you should have to achieve your new smile.

At I Love Straight Teeth , we do not only offer high-end cosmetic treatments, but we also work with specialist orthodontics, who, after a detailed evaluation of each case, offer comprehensive options, in case you need more complex orthodontics that cannot be achieved with cosmetic braces.

Are you thinking about braces? Is it to boost your appearance or for oral health reasons? Please post your comment below we would love to hear about your personal experience.

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