Can I wear braces when I am pregnant?

braces with babies


First of all, congratulations! Every woman’s body undergoes huge changes when she becomes pregnant, and taking good care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally, is an investment in having a healthier, happier baby. For many women, this means ensuring their teeth are in great shape as part of their overall physical well being.

I am pregnant – can I have braces?

If you had your X-rays taken and your scan completed before your pregnancy began, you’ll be able to continue with the teeth straightening process. There’s no additional stress for your baby in having braces, although there are some considerations to bear in mind, depending on you, your experience of pregnancy, and the advice of your orthodontist.
Here at I Love Straight Teeth we have substantial experience in helping pregnant ladies make the best decisions about their orthodontic treatment.

Considerations for pregnant women seeking orthodontic treatment

There are lots of activities that pregnant women need to reconsider: what they eat, the exercise they take and the medicines they use. Dentistry is another area where behaviour may need to change. Considerations around orthodontic treatment include:

> The fact that some women develop swollen gums and this can cause more discomfort than usual. This needn’t be a problem if you have regular appointments with your orthodontist, but because many commonplace painkillers are not recommended during pregnancy, it can be a less comfortable process than at other times.

> Hormonal changes can cause teeth to be more mobile in the mouth and this may impact your orthodontic treatment. Getting advice from an orthodontist experienced in this area can be vital. Choosing the right braces from the many different types available may be crucial to getting the best result in the easiest way and that requires expert input.

> Any changes in your dental health should be checked out immediately with your orthodontist as gum disease can have unexpected side-effects. Research has shown that women who experience significant gum disease may have a low body weight baby, may give birth prematurely or even, in rare circumstances, may suffer stillbirth. These are unusual scenarios but being very good at dental hygiene, and getting your braces checked regularly, will protect you from these risk factors.

> There is no need for sedation or anaesthesia when having braces fitted, altered or removed, so pregnant women need not consider this factor when deciding on orthodontic treatment.

> We all know that pregnancy can make it difficult to eat (or keep food down once eaten!) but eating can also be more demanding when wearing braces during pregnancy so this needs to be borne in mind when making choices about the right teeth straightening treatment for you.

I might be pregnant or I’m planning to start a family soon – what about braces for me?

If you’re already pregnant (or just think you might be) it’s better for your baby not to be exposed to X-rays, so while you’re expecting, you can put your braces treatment on hold and start again once your baby arrives.

If you are pregnant, wanting to straighten your teeth and have further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will answer all your concerns.

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