Behind Closed Doors: Braces in the Bedroom for Mature Readers

Behind Closed Doors Braces in the Bedroom for Mature Readers in London


Many of our patients who have had braces fitted to straighten their teeth, or would like braces, are adults and face the same dilemma; will braces affect my sex life?  With kissing and oral sex in mind, I Love Straight Teeth  can assure you whether you are straight or gay, old or young, behind closed doors braces need not spoil your fun.

Kissing and braces:

If you are in a marriage or partnership, and one of you has braces you will no doubt have discussed how you feel about kissing before you had your braces fitted. And once fitted, will have experimented in the early days and hopefully discovered kissing really isn’t a problem provided you keep a sense of humour when your partner discovers the remains of a cheeseburger stuck in your wires with his tongue. But if you are single, navigating the dating world is hard enough without explaining away a mouth full of dental engineering before the first kiss.

Attracting a new partner is not the problem with modern braces.  Most braces are almost invisible, and you will not look like ‘ugly Betty’ with your mouth resembling a chainsaw sending every new date running.  Once behind closed doors, you might want to make a dramatic confession you are wearing braces, or you might let your date discover for himself, or herself.  Be confident, own your braces, and you will soon realise, he really doesn’t care.  He is interested in you and not your brackets and wires unless of course he has a brace fetish.  You will soon get over the emotional impact of braces and once again spend long Sunday afternoons in a deep embrace.

If your partner is afraid his or her tongue may be shredded by your brackets and wires, do a check for yourself.  Run your tongue all around your mouth to make sure there are no rough spots and use copious amounts of dental wax to smooth problem areas.  Be sure it is dental wax and NOT sex wax.  Sex wax is strictly for surfers and their boards!  Now you have smoothed out the brackets, relax and enjoy being in the arms of your lover.

Oral Sex and Braces:

Give yourself all the time you need to get used to your braces.  It would be a good idea to practice kissing before you move on to anything more advanced.  Ask your partner how they feel before, during and after the act. If they are on the receiving end of fellatio, or cunnilingus, they might be feeling afraid you could do some damage.  Alleviate your partner fears with lashing of dental wax and lubrication to smooth out any rough or awkward spots.  After all, the golden rule with oral sex is no teeth.

It would be wise not to go near your partner’s genitalia with your new braces until you have your technique sorted out. And, whatever your sexuality and preference, your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend could shave or wax their pubic hair to avoid the embarrassment of getting a short and curly stuck in a bracket or wire.  You might not want to explain that one away!

Just be sure both of you are willing partners, consenting adults before you begin. Too much friction or an unexpected move and you could be in trouble. You both need to take care, not just for his or her sake but yours.  You don’t want to knock your wires or brackets loose so it would be a good idea to avoid drunken sex. Your partner might not want you to play Russian roulette with his manhood.  You might prefer to practice some other killer bedroom moves and abstain from oral sex for a while until your braces come off. Whatever you both decide, proceed with caution. Be sensitive, be creative, be careful and enjoy!

If you have any advice for other brace wearer post your comment below and share with others! 

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