3 Reasons Why You Can Benefit From Treating Your Crooked Teeth

3 Reasons Why You Can Benefit From Treating Your Crooked Teeth In London - image


Unquestionably, there are many things that can ruin our good mood and make us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Considering the conversations we have had with our patients, having crooked teeth can affect one’s confidence and make them feel somehow embarrassed when smiling and interacting with others. Needless to say, crooked teeth are health risks. But, let’s take first things first.

1.     Oral Health and Crooked Teeth

Do you have bad breath and you don’t know where that comes from? You brush your teeth regularly, as your dentist has recommended and you use mouthwash. So, what is wrong, or omitted, and you still have that disturbing bad breath? Your crooked teeth. Think about it. Crooked teeth have surfaces that cannot be reached by your toothbrush. These areas get plaque, which, in turns, creates the perfect environment for gum disease. We have already gone through the many problems related to gum disease, and they are all serious. Leave gum disease unattended and you will find yourself dealing with some time-consuming and expensive treatments.

2.     Crooked Teeth are More Sensitive

It has been evidenced that crooked teeth tend to chip, wear down, and break far faster, compared to straight teeth. What does this mean? You will need veneers or invasive crowns to restore this problem. Options that could easily be avoided, if you opted for a teeth straightening treatment. Modern orthodontics offers a wealth of choices that get the job done within a few months, if the case permits, with the utmost discretion and guaranteed results.

3.     Psychological Effects of Having Crooked Teeth

Besides the health reasons, that should get you in a dental practice, and the aesthetic side of things, there is always the psychological aspect to look at. Going through an interesting article posted on Daily Mail, about a month ago, has revealed a big truth; something most of us can suspect, but few could tell for sure. We all see people not smiling and suspect there is something wrong; still, we can’t be certain of what the problem is.

Prevent all these problems by allowing yourself to share wonderful smiles with everyone around you. Don’t deprive yourself of the joys of life, because you have crooked teeth.

Do you have crooked teeth that you want to fix? Do you have any more questions that we have not answered? If so please leave your questions below and we will answer them:)

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