What Alternative to Veneers can Improve the Appearance of Teeth

If I don’t want veneers, what else can I do to improve the appearance of my teeth once they have been straightened?

Most adults have chipped teeth edges and also have uneven shaped teeth. It’s quite common. There’s something called ‘peg laterals’; it’s where the side two teeth are much smaller. I’d very often see people with gaps between their teeth, and the reason for the gaps is because they have very small teeth relative to the size of their jaw.

We use something called ‘cosmetic bonding’. This is where you use some artificial enamel; it’s a tooth coating material enamel, and you can add it to the surface of the teeth. This is done without removing any tooth structure whatsoever, so you are able to improve the shape of the teeth even the color of the teeth to a degree without taking anything away. When you combine this with some teeth whitening and some cosmetic orthodontics to straighten the teeth, you’ll have really powerful style transformations, and most of our cases involve all three. This way can improve the color of the teeth, shape of the teeth, and the position of the teeth in one go.

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