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[ANNOUNCEMENT] I Love Straight Teeth is now Straight Teeth Direct! Please head over to the Straight Teeth Direct website for useful content about teeth straightening that’s discreet, rapid, convenient and more affordable > www.straightteethdirect.com

I Love Straight Teeth was launched in 2012  and initially counted one branch in Putney, South West London. It is now growing with the vision to become the number 1 orthodontic network in the UK. 

We are passionate about teaching and sharing the latest cosmetic teeth straightening techniques so that everyone that wants a straighter whiter smile can get one.

The I Love Straight Teeth website is aimed at people who are dreaming of a better smile, who want adult braces but don’t know where to start, and who are looking for answers to all their questions.  Many others would love to realign their teeth but, having relied on their outdated knowledge of extractions and years of wearing ugly ‘train track’ braces, are unaware they can achieve their desire for straight teeth discreetly and painlessly in just Six Months.


Website visitors are invited to claim their Free Straight Teeth Guide to learn how to get straight teeth in 6 months or less and take the Straight Teeth Test  to receive personalised information from a dentist prior to booking a free consultation.

More than just a handbook for orthodontics, I Love Straight Teeth offers patients the possibility to make a Free Straight Teeth Consultation with an experienced dentist at their nearest I Love Straight Teeth centre.

All the I Love Straight Teeth centres offer a friendly and personalised experience, as well as affordable payment options so that you can look forward to your dental visits!

Find out how YOU could also transform your smile in the next six months and how the whole process works here 

Any questions?

Visit the popular I Love Straight Teeth Blog  where we regularly share information on cosmetic braces, or post your question on our Facebook Page so that all our community can enjoy the benefits of the answer.

If you have any other questions you can get in touch at hello (at) ilovestraightteeth (dot) co.uk

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