9 Clear Steps On How You Can Mix Your Braces

9 Clear Steps On How You Can Mix Your Braces


Lingual braces are the archetypal,  gold standard in fixed braces for the simple reason they are not only very effective, but they are discreet.  As with anything representative of the best, they come with a price tag.    I Love Straight Teeth can offer a clever solution to make your Lingual braces more affordable, without cutting any corners; a mix of two types of fixed brace.  You will be thrilled with a new smile that can now be in reach.

1# A Mix of Braces

If you need braces on both your top and bottom teeth, you can have Lingual braces on the top arch and clear fixed braces on the lower arch to reduce your costs.  Both braces work in a similar way with fixed brackets and wires gradually bringing your teeth in line.

2# What Are Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a fixed brace bonded to the back of your teeth, instead of the front, which makes the brackets and wires required to straighten your teeth almost unseen. Invisible and highly functional, they straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.  They are more comfortable as they do not rub on the gums or cheeks.  They are the choice of professionals and media people as they are so discrete.

3# Why Are Lingual Braces More Expensive?

Made from the best available materials, Lingual braces need to be customised to fit the patient.  Only approved dentists can fit lingual braces and appointments take longer than with conventional braces.

4# What Are The Options

A discrete alternative is clear fixed braces on your lower teeth.  Both the brackets and wires are tooth coloured, so they are barely visible.  However, the brackets and wires are fixed to the front of the teeth which can be a little uncomfortable at times. Dental wax helps to stop the rubbing.

5# Making Your Smile Affordable

An attractive choice for patients who need double arch treatment,  both their top teeth and bottom teeth straightened,  are a mix of Lingual braces and clear braces. You are not restricted to one type of brace.  By fitting Lingual braces to the top teeth and a clear fixed brace to the bottom teeth, where they don’t show as much when you talk or smile, you get the best of both worlds; discretion and affordability.

6# How Long Will They Take?

Both Lingual and clear fixed braces are options to straighten teeth in the minimal amount of time.  The complexities of each case differ but your dentist will be able to advise you at your first consultation.

7# How Do I Get A Mix Of Braces?

Make an appointment with us for your free consultation and ask for a mix of Lingual and clear fixed braces. Your dentist will be happy to advise you.  

8# Keep Your Secret

With a mix of Lingual and clear braces, no one need know.  It is a very effective solution. Lingual braces are the choice of actors, film-stars, pop stars and royalty because they don’t want the public to know they are having their teeth straightened and, whether or not you are in the spotlight, we will keep your secret.

9# Covering The Costs

Not only will a mix of Lingual and clear fixed braces reduce your costs but we can offer you an affordable monthly payment plan to keep you smiling.   

Do you want lingual braces but cannot afford them. Are you interested in this fusion? If we have not covered everything in this blog please comment below and we will answer your questions

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