6 Simple Ways to Ease Brace Ache

6 Simple Ways to Ease Brace Ache


Brace pain is entirely subjective.  Ask one person to describe the pain they feel with a headache or twisted ankle and you will get so many different stories depending on the mood and personality of the individual.  It is exactly the same with braces.  We can’t deny, at the outset some patients feel a little discomfort but the description of the pain, ache or soreness varies from one patient to the next. Some never complain of anything more than a slight ache or irritation, others are a little more sensitive.   I Love Straight Teeth will describe some of the worst case scenarios of brace pain and some of the best and give you six good ways to ease brace ache to help you prepare.

It is perfectly normal for your teeth and mouth to feel slightly sore after having your braces fitted, especially if they are fixed braces with brackets and wires.  After all, your teeth and gums contain nerve endings susceptible to being poked and prodded let alone feeling the pressure of the brackets being bonded in place and the wires attached.  The very idea of wearing braces is to move your teeth from one position to another in gradual degrees.  But they are moving and making tiny adjustments day by day, and this can initially make your teeth and mouth ache until you get used to it.  Fear not, it is just an initial adjustment which will pass.  Some patients find the ache or discomfort passes in a few days, for others, it can take anything from two weeks to four weeks.

In advance of having your braces fitted, be prepared:

  1. Have some over-the-counter pain relief at hand.  Taking Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, in the recommended dose, will relieve the discomfort.
  2. Stock up your larder and fridge with healthy, nutritious soups and other soft foods.
  3. Avoid hard foods, such as biting into a crisp apple. Not only can this disturb your brace but it can be painful.
  4. Avoid eating candy and chewing on a steak.  Scrambled eggs or baked potatoes make a comforting alternative while you get used to braces and a hot chocolate drink will give you the sweet fix you might crave.
  5. Stock up on dental wax. If the wires and brackets are making the inside of your cheeks and lips sore, the dental wax will help to cushion the problem areas.
  6.  Wear a mouthguard if you take part in contact sports.

Remember, you want straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

One of the best ways to cope with brace ache is to remind yourself why you are doing this.  Positive thinking helps you to overcome all kinds of difficulties.  Remember, you want straight teeth and a beautiful smile, you want the confidence of facing your friends, family and colleagues without the embarrassment of crooked or protruding teeth.  In a few short months, maybe a little longer for those of you with complex issues, you will forget any pain, soreness or discomfort and look in the mirror to see a wonderful new smile. Any brace ache you feel now will seem worth it!

Do you suffer from brace ache? Let us know by commenting below and sharing your tips with others.

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