5 common questions about adult braces in London


Braces doubts are over!

1. Do braces hurt?

Yes, sometimes they do! Depending on which type of braces you are going ahead with, pain might be experienced at the beginning. Think about your teeth moving position, of course it has to sore a little, although it is not a severe or unbearable pain. Once you get used to the brace, you will get along with it. The soreness is a sign that the braces are actually being effective and you will have a straight and perfect smile soon. You can always chose a less painful type of braces such as Invisalign.

2. How much do braces cost?

The price may vary depending on your teeth condition and, of course, the type of braces you choose.

Check here our price list as a guideline.

At ILoveStraightTeeth London we offer an initial Free consultation during which we give you a written plan and go through the payment plans available.

3. How long will they take to straighten my teeth?

Once again, it depends. But usually cosmetic braces take between 3 to 12 months to straighten your teeth.
This is something you can discuss during your free consultation, the dentist will be able to give you a close estimate for the treatment duration.

4. How do Braces look like?

Nowadays there are many different types of brace systems available. You can opt for metal braces with colourful rubber bands (more indicated for children and teenagers), you can choose discreet fixed or removable braces, or you can chose to absolutely hide your brace treatment with Lingual braces, placed at the back of your teeth, completely invisible.

You choose! To find out more, click here

5. “I want to go ahead” – What are the next steps?

Now its easy to get braces fitted, see the next steps:

1st – Book a FREE consultation at ilovestraightteeth in London and discuss with the dentist what type of braces your are suitable for and which one would be most recommended for you considering your time, budget and aesthetic preferences. Get your individual quote and learn more about our payment plans.

2nd – Brace start- The dentist will perform an in depth dental examination and take impressions of your teeth, and go through your result agreement. You can choose your ideal payment plan at that stage.

3rd – Brace Fit. Your braces can be fitted, this can be within the same week of your consultation if you are available and your teeth and gums are perfectly healthy.

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