4 Simple Ways To Compare Cosmetic Braces

4 Simple Ways to Compare Cosmetic Braces


One of your goals this summer may be to straighten your teeth. While there is no shortage of advice on the internet covering all your needs and preferences, you might feel bombarded and confused and wonder which brace will work for you?  Before you visit your dentist, I Love Straight Teeth can help you by making a simple comparison between four of the most popular cosmetic braces.  

1# 4 Cosmetic Braces Available

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a fixed brace.  Fixed braces have brackets bonded to the teeth with wires fixed to the brackets.  Sounds shocking?  Don’t let the out of date idea of train track braces put you off because the clever thing about lingual braces is they are fixed to the reverse side of your teeth where they can’t be seen.  Not only are they discreet but they are more lightweight and comfortable than traditional braces.

Clear Fixed Braces

Another fixed brace is the clear fixed ones, also known as 6 months braces.  This discreet brace is fixed to the front of the teeth and is tooth coloured.  It focuses on moving the teeth which show when you smile quickly and efficiently.

Inman Aligner

An alternative to a fixed brace is an accelerated removable brace. The Inman Aligner is a patented design, powered by tiny springs and bows to move teeth, gently, safely and quickly.

Invisible Removable Aligners

Also commonly referred to as “Invisalign”, the aligners a clear and removable and worn like a sleeve over your teeth. They are customised to fit to gently move your teeth in the desired direction.  You replace the aligner, the removable brace, twice a month until your teeth reach their correct position.

2# How do I decide which brace?

Your dentist will make a full diagnosis of the oral health of your teeth and gums with the help of x-rays.  If your teeth are suitable for cosmetic braces, you can decide if a fixed or removable brace will best suit your lifestyle.  Cosmetic braces all focus on moving the front teeth, the teeth which show when you smile.  By aligning the front teeth, you can be confident you will look your optimal best and improve your future oral health.

3# Which one is for me?

If your teeth are misaligned both top and bottom, you may benefit more from a fixed brace.  In this case, you can choose from Six Months or Lingual braces.  Six month braces are discreet and work quickly, as the name suggests, but Lingual braces are the choice of professionals in the spotlight as they are completely hidden, unobtrusive and easy to take care of.  Clear fixed braces are less expensive than Lingual braces.  Although both braces are custom made to fit, Lingual braces are more complex and require more time when fitting and adjusting. You also have the option to combine both, having lingual on top and clear fixed at the bottom for example.

If you need your front four teeth, either top or bottom aligned because they overlap or you minor gaps between the teeth, you may prefer a removable aligner.  The Inman Aligner, known as the ‘wonder brace’ works very quickly but is not invisible.  Invisalign is both removable and invisible.

4# Cost Effectiveness

While weighing up the pro’s and con’s of the different types of braces you may consider which one can you afford?  Your dental team will prepare a price plan at your first consultation, taking into consideration the position of your teeth, the length of treatment, the desired result, the type of brace and how you can reduce the costs. An easy payment plan is available to help spread the cost.  

So removable or fixed braces? How would you want to perfect your smile and straighten your teeth? Share your answer in the comments below.

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