16 or 60? Why age is no barrier to straight teeth

dental braces16 or 60 Why age is no barrier to straight teeth


If you have a son or daughter, nephew or niece who have recently worn braces and have lovely straight teeth, you might be envious and wish you were as fortunate.  Braces are no longer the province of adolescents just stepping into the grown-up world with all the confidence they need to get on in life, but are now the domain of more and more adults.

With modern technology and cleverly concealed dental braces, those of us from sixteen to over sixty, with crooked or misaligned teeth, are choosing to come out of the shadows and rectify the imperfections which have doubtless dented our self-esteem for far too long.  I Love Straight Teeth  will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.  Just step on in and we will tell you how.

Teeth Issues

Few people are naturally endowed with perfectly aligned teeth. Most of us have a slight imperfection or a major problem.  Teeth can be crooked, overcrowded, ‘gappy’ or twisted.  Your bite might be misaligned and your incisors too widely spaced.  Whatever the issue, we can diagnose the problem and suggest the correct brace to give you a wonderful smile and make you feel good about yourself in anything from 3  to 24 months.

Brace Options For Straight Teeth

Fixed braces: As we have grown-up, so have braces.  Unlike fixed braces of yesteryear with their heavy metal train tracks and wires, braces have become minimalist.  Fixed braces can now have lightweight, translucent brackets and wires and, even better, can be fixed to the reverse side of your teeth where they can’t be seen. Not only safe and effective, Lingual Braces, as they are called, are almost invisible and, as they can’t rub on your cheeks, are perfectly comfortable.

Removable aligners: If you have only mild to moderate discrepancies in your teeth, you might choose to wear a removable aligner.  Made from a clear, medical grade plastic, the aligners are moulded and custom-made to replicate your teeth.  You slip them in, they fit perfectly over your teeth, and they gradually make minor adjustments, day by day until your teeth are correctly positioned.  With a retainer, there is no chance your teeth will slip back to their old site.

Inman Aligners: If you are in a hurry, and only need your front teeth adjusted, you might be inclined to opt for the ‘Wonder Brace’. Unlike fixed braces, the Inman Aligner, or Wonder Brace as many have called it, is removable. With its patented spring loaded device, this brace works very quickly on making minor adjustments to your top and bottom teeth.  Often, by modifying only the front teeth, our patients see a huge difference to their smiles and they are happy treatment can be completed in the astonishingly short space of time; just twelve weeks to happiness.

Your Health

The older we get, not only are we more critical of the way we look, but we become more aware of dental health issues and often wish we had taken better care. Unfortunately, if our teeth are too crowded or misaligned they can be very awkward to brush, floss and keep clean.  The plaque will build up on the surfaces we can’t reach with a toothbrush, and this results in decay, gum disease, and possible tooth loss.  By straightening teeth as soon as possible, we can avoid all kinds of problems in the future.

It is never too late to straighten your teeth, but is something holding you back? Please post your comment below we would love to hear your stories?

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