The 12 Advantages of Cosmetic Braces



We believe everyone deserves to feel the best they can and one important way to regain confidence is by straightening your teeth to make an attractive, lovely smile.  Modern, cosmetic braces, with the help of I Love Straight Teeth are shrugging off their image of instruments from the torture chamber and stepping into the limelight.  

We have put together a list of facts to help you decide the best way you too can shrug off your old image and step into your future with cosmetic braces instead of traditional braces.

What Are Cosmetic Braces?

1# Cosmetic braces are designed to safely give you straight teeth to make you feel and look better.   Cosmetic braces are not simply an unnecessary luxury; straight teeth are much healthier teeth as they are easier to keep clean. And straight teeth make for much healthier, happier, more confident people.

2# Cosmetic braces are either a fixed brace with concealed brackets and wires, or a discreet, or invisible, removable brace.  They are designed to move only your front 2,4 or 8 teeth,  the teeth which show the most when you smile.  They straighten mild or moderately overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth, widely spaced or protruding teeth.  

What Are The Advantages of Cosmetic Braces?

3# Designed for adults who may not want to be seen wearing braces, cosmetic braces can be either invisible or discreet, depending on what kind of brace is required.

4# With cosmetic braces, it is usually unnecessary to extract any teeth, but you may need a little IPR to make room for the teeth to move.  

5# Cosmetic braces are used when you require fewer adjustments.

6# They work very fast; on average between 4-9 months.

7# Cosmetic braces are more comfortable than traditional braces.

8# Straight teeth are much healthier teeth as they are easier to take care off.

What Choices Do I Have?

9# If you are looking for a removable and unseen brace, clear aligners are almost invisible. Made from a clear plastic, moulded to fit over your teeth like a tight glove, they gently move your teeth in the direction they need to go.  The aligners are worn for 22 hours every day and are only removed to eat and clean your teeth.  The aligners are changed every two to three weeks until treatment is complete.

10# Lingual braces are made to be hidden.  Bonded to the reverse side of your teeth, they can’t be seen and, unlike traditional braces, they don’t make your lips or cheeks sore.  Many professionals and people in the eye of the media choose lingual braces as they are so discreet.

11# Another discreet, but not invisible, alternative is an accelerated removable brace. The patented design, powered by tiny springs and bows to gently move the teeth, works safely and quickly.

12# Clear fixed braces are bonded to the front of the teeth like the traditional braces we are all familiar with.  Unlike traditional braces, the brackets and wires are tooth coloured, so they are barely visible.

Why Can’t I have Cosmetic Braces?

Cosmetic Orthodontic braces do not resolve more complex problems.  For example, if you have serious bite problems or problems with your molars,  with your jaw,  or with impacted teeth, you may need a more traditional brace treatment and a more comprehensive orthodontic treatment.  You may need teeth extracted to allow full movement to repair your smile.

Comprehensive orthodontics is usually more time-consuming than a cosmetic treatment. It can take anything from  18-24 months, dependent on several factors, including the severity of the problem and growth rate. Nevertheless, if patients have an early evaluation, they can achieve shorter treatment times.

Comprehensive orthodontics are usually more expensive than cosmetic braces.  Teeth are not just straightened to be aesthetically pleasing but for the sake of your health.   Incorrectly positioned teeth are particularly hard to keep clean which can allow gum disease, tooth decay, and eventual tooth loss if left untreated.

Do you want to straighten your teeth with cosmetic braces? Have we answered all of your questions? If not please post your question below and we will be sure to answer them.

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