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Wish you could get Straight teeth in 6 months or less and with NO ugly braces?

You can! Here's how:

1. With Lingual Braces

Accelerated lingual braces are programmed to straighten front teeth in 4-9 months. There can be very effective for cosmetic orthodontics. These sit behind the teeth so are working completely invisibly.

2. With Clear Fixed Braces

6 Months Braces

Clear fixed braces are tooth coloured braces and wires programmed to give a straighter smile in 4-9 months. It has no effect on speech and allows rapid tooth straightening while being really discreet.

3. With Accelerated Removable Braces

Inman Aligner

Accelerated removable braces are programmed to straighten 4 front teeth in 6-18 weeks. It acts quickly and effectively on the 4 front teeth (upper or lower) and is used to re-straighten teeth that have moved slightly. Needs to be worn 16-20h a day.

4. With Clear Removable Braces

Clear removable braces are virtually invisible. There are designed to intimately fit your teeth and cause gentle movement. A new brace is supplied every 2 weeks and needs to be worn 22h a day.

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